Mandala for Accumulate personal power for prosperity and goal fulfilment


The energy flow of this mandala will strengthen your vital energy, increase your resistance to illness, and fill you with vigor and endurance.
It will give you motivation in everything you do.
Allow yourself this gift, because you deserve all the best!

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Meditate on the mandala for the accumulation of personal power, prosperity, and goal fulfillment every day and you will become a true Woman of Power
You will discover a feeling of great joy, pleasure from every moment of life, lightness and soaring.
You will be able to feel unprecedented self-confidence.
The mandala will give you a sense of power and the skills to realize your desires.
Meditate on this Madala every day for 21 days and you will reveal amazing abilities in yourself – you will know exactly what you want and how to get it.
You’ll be able to unleash the lead chakra which will help you:
– gain a high position in society quickly
– achieve great success in your career
– become financially prosperous

By meditating on this Mandala you will increase your personal power.
You will be able to have a great influence on your family, friends, and colleagues, controlling all the events of your life.

You can become the real magician that materializes ideas!
The energy of the mandala will fill you with confidence and determination.
You will make 100% of correct decisions. This Mandala will help you to easily implement any idea successfully. Answers to all questions about money will come to you. You will be able to discover your skills and recognize whether you are being told the truth or are being lied to.
This mandala contains a hidden code of wealth. Once you begin to observe it, golden money threads will appear in your aura. These threads attract unexpected profits and increase your wealth by 5 and 10 times.

Allow yourself this, for you are worthy of all the best!
It’s your destiny!