Mandala for Attraction of the soulmate


This magnetic Mandala will fill your feminine chakras with a subtle but very strong energy. With the energy that will permeate all your subtle bodies, you will be able to attract a worthy man, who is your soulmate, into your destiny.

The energy waves of attraction of this Mandala will help you find your soulmate and create a truly happy and harmonious relationship.

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Meditation on the Mandala will create an energy field of charm around you, which will transform you beyond recognition: your smile will become magical, your gaze will become young and mischievous.

Daily meditation on the Mandala for attracting your soulmate will activate your magnetic center and awaken the energy of passion.
The energy field of this Mandala removes blocks and clamps in the area of the sexual center, the 2nd chakra.

Regular meditation on this Mandala will activate vibrations in your subtle bodies to help you attract your soulmate.
You will also become selective and understand exactly who you need.
You will be happy and loved! You are worthy of it!