Mandala for Awakening female magnetism


The energy of meditating on this magical mandala will fill your female chakras and reveal your best feminine qualities given to you by the Higher Power. Awakening of your female magnetism and ability to control sexual energy will allow you to attract everything you dream about in your life.
After all, you deserve the best!

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Meditate on the Mandala for awakening female magnetism after performing female energy practices for 21 days and you will become a true Woman of Power.
You can become a real magnet for attracting the right situations and people into your life:
Good luck, favourable circumstances and success in all affairs will come into your life
You’ll be admired and adored by men and women around you
New opportunities to attract financial well-being will open up for you in a woman-like and easy way
Meditation on this Mandala will make you eloquent. You will be able to gain the ability to communicate with all kinds of people, including those of the highest status.
You will be filled with feminine beauty, flexibility, and charm. The energy will fill all your female chakras and reveal the best feminine qualities, bestowed on you by the Higher Power.
You will be able to reveal your ability to control your female sexual energy and become a real Magician.
A priestly amulet, selected for you by our trainer, will help to strengthen the effect of this meditation.

This is the Mandala of attracting a happy female destiny! You are a divine flower on this Earth, and you deserve all the best!
Let it be so!