Mandala for Develop self-sufficiency and direct it to your spiritual self-improvement


The energy of meditating on the Mandala will unlock these qualities of self-sufficiency in you:
– Generosity;
– Self-love and self-acceptance;
– Determination and confidence;
– Purposefulness; and
– Self-reliance;
It will transform these qualities into growth in spiritual development.
Fill all your chakras with subtle energy, which you can use to succeed in any affair.

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The energy of this Mandala will fill you with self-confidence and a sense of self-sufficiency.
Transfiguration, transformation, spiritual growth, and revelation of superpowers are impossible without this inner power – the self-sufficiency. It is the foundation that will enable you to be free and to have the courage to fulfill your predestination.

Regular meditation on this Mandala will give you the energy to courageously overcome all obstacles on your spiritual path of development with faith in yourself and your mission.

Meditate on this Mandala for 21 days and it will help you become resilient to the opinions of others.
Nothing will be able to prevent you from achieving your goals!

The energy field of this magical Mandala will heal you from psychological trauma. You will enjoy everything you do.
Dreams will turn into goals. Prolonged meditation on the Mandala will help you know exactly what you need to do to achieve any specific goal.