Mandala for House purification


This Mandala is unique because its extraordinary vibrations are able to create harmony in the space of your home.
When you regularly meditate on this Mandala – through it comes a powerful flow of cosmic vibrations, which purify the energy in your home, make it brighter, infuse it with love and warmth.

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We live in a world of speed, endless movement, so it is often difficult to stop and stay in one place, even at home.
It disturbs the harmony of the space.

And sometimes the atmosphere at home is so depressing that you want to be anywhere but home.
In both cases, meditation on this Mandala will help you a lot.
Do it regularly for 21 days – and not only you, but all your relatives and friends, and even guests of your house will feel the energetic changes in your space.
It will be permeated with healing light flows that charge you with vivacity, good health, inspiration, and give you strength to implement all your ideas.

It is beneficial to combine meditation on this Mandala with listening to the music of transformation for cleansing to create protection for your home and family from negative influences that may penetrate from outside.

Meditation on the Mandala will allow you to harmonize not only the spaces of your home, but also your state – to feel unity with the world, helping your loved ones in this as well.