Mandala for Insomnia


Stress, depression, and chronic fatigue are the diseases of modern society, which take all our power and energy.
Doctors have already recognized insomnia and anxiety to be a natural consequence of the way of life that we have to lead.
Meditation on this Mandala will allow you to relax and clear your mind of obsessive thoughts, worries, and stress, accumulated during the day.
It will cleanse your mental plane and give you the feeling of oneness and harmony with the world around you.

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Meditate on this Mandala every night before going to sleep for 21 days. Every time you meditate on this Mandala you will be able to drift into a deeper and more peaceful sleep. When you emerge from it, you will feel filled with power, lightness, and peace, and you will spread the beneficial effects on your loved ones.

Since meditation will help your loved ones to be filled with energy through you, you will become a conductor of love, joy, and warmth for all your family, changing their lives and giving them happiness.

It is favorable to do 10-15 minutes of active dance or yoga before this meditation.
Stay healthy and harmonious, because the condition of the people close to you depends on your inner state