Mandala for Joining with Onome


Everyone dreams of true love, but not everyone manages to find and meet their love, their soulmate. Love is God’s gift to the soul, which seeks spiritual development through the experience of relationships in the physical, material world.

And before we meet in our world, our souls must meet. Only after the connection of two loving souls in the subtle plane – the circumstances of the physical meeting will come.

 Meditation on this Mandala will help you direct your energy to find your other half in the subtle plane and attract them to the physical form of life.

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Onome is the other half that absolutely everyone has, and it lives in the subtle plane. When you meet your Onome, the Onome helps to attract your soulmate in the physical world very quickly.

If you want to meet your other half more quickly and know true love, it is recommended to take an additional ritual “Merge with Onome”.