Mandala for Money flow opening


This Mandala contains a hidden wealth code that will activate a magnetic center in your aura to accept wealth and abundance into your life.
Meditation on this Mandala will form new neural connections in your brain that will help remove all the psychological blocks that prevent you from accepting great income and financial opportunities.
The Mandala will tune your energy channels to the wave of good fortune and abundance. Your subtle bodies will be filled with the sound of money and magnetism.
You are worthy of abundance and luxury, just let yourself have it!

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The integrity of a person’s aura is important to all areas of their life, including the financial aspect.
If there are gaps, any impact on the aura can be devastating, especially if there are energy vampires in your environment.

Regular meditation on this Mandala will fill your aura with a flow of money energy. This subtle energy will allow you to defeat karmic and lineage programs that interfere with prosperity.

Often, we work hard and diligently, make many efforts, but all for nothing – money does not come into our life.
This is because of destructive psychological attitudes that have formed a stable program of poverty in our subconsciousness.
This happens because of the weak thoughts and fears transmitted to us from our immediate environment: relatives, friends, etc.

The energy of this magical Mandala is aimed at breaking the old neural connections that prevent you from accepting the flow of abundance.

Also, material prosperity is a gift to us for the good karma, which we earn by doing good deeds – helping others, participating in charity, and opening up to God. Therefore, also strive to open your heart to this world – and the Universe will surely reward you!