Mandala for Opening creative Talents


Connecting with the energies of this Mandala will open up a flow of creativity and inspiration within you. Regular meditation on this magical image will fill your subtle bodies and develop the hidden talents within you: to delight others with your voice, to foretell forthcoming events, to see a visionary dream, to feel the energy of other people.

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Each of us is a reflection of one of the facets of the divine individuality, the divine plan of creation. Creating yourself, transforming the world around you – this is the true essence of your individuality.

A daily meditation on the Mandala for Discovering Your Creative Talents will give you confidence in the creative direction in which you wish to develop. It will help you develop your imagination and creative thinking.
You will acquire the qualities of a muse and inspirer.

This Mandala reveals creative talents by activating in your aura the vibrations of your divine personality. On the next level, your creativity becomes healing, helping others. This requires a special initiation by a mentor.