Mandala for Opening of intuition


Meditation on this miraculous Mandala will reveal your inherent gifts given by nature: a sense of insight that will allow you to make right decisions in life and avoid mistakes.
The Mandala for revelation of intuition has a magical property. By meditating on it, you will gain the skill of finding a way out quickly and making the right choice in the most difficult and stressful situations.

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They call intuition the 6th sense, given to us from above, to make the right decisions in life and not make mistakes. Unfortunately, this superpower is blocked in many people, and we cannot use it correctly as we are always in a strong informational field, which blocks the fine sense of intuition. Only through meditation and quieting our mind can we find the connection with the 6th sense in ourselves and start developing this connection, strengthening the intuition channel to make the right decisions, and always come out a winner from all life situations.

When we follow our intuition, life takes on a different quality: there is no place for depression, conflict, misunderstandings, and illness within our life.

Meditation on this Mandala will help you to be less confused in stressful situations and know exactly what to do.
It will give you confidence in your actions.
Each time you meditate on this Mandala, you will receive new insights and inspiration through its energy flow.
You will develop your sensitivity and inner capacity for perception.
If you meditate on this Mandala for 21 days, you will be able to reveal in yourself a talent for foreseeing the development of events before they happen.

You can discover the ability to see the truth. You will develop a sense of perceptiveness and be able to hear your inner voice easily.
Meditation on the Mandala will allow you to develop your intuitive skills and find your own power and mastery.

Meditate on the Mandala, reveal your 6th sense and be happy!
You are a divine flower on this Earth and you deserve the best!
Allow yourself to accept the gifts of the Universe!