Mandala for Opening of Superpowers and Talents


Living in the social world, our perception of ourselves is limited to a rather narrow range of our skills and capacities that we know about ourselves.
But in reality, everyone has superpowers, gifts, and creative talents that are hidden under the masks of social perceptions.
Through meditation on this Mandala, new neural connections are formed in the brain that attune the whole being to accept the flows of cosmic energy that reveal the amazing talents and skills of your individuality.

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Meditation on this Mandala will help you discover your divine individuality, your higher self, and the talents that lead to the discovery of your soul’s predestination.

It will help you discover the full, incredible, and grandiose range of your talents.
It will give you the energy to enhance your existing skills and discover new ones.

What once seemed incredibly difficult and even impossible to you will become simple and something you like. You will become more intuitive and sensitive to the world around you.
You will be able to understand yourself and other people better. You will find an understanding of yourself in this world.

You are a divine creature, and you will definitely succeed!