Mandala for Release from Stress, Illness and Depression


The energy of meditating on this magical Mandala will help improve your well-being, freeing you from any illnesses. You will gain harmony, as well as get rid of stress and depression.
The energy flow of this Mandala will strengthen your etheric body and fill your aura with waves of stress resistance – it will give you a completely new quality of life.

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We live in a world where there is a lot of negative energy, aggression, wars, and diseases. These negative influences block our inner joy and ability to be happy.
Through meditation on the Mandala, the power of joy, the desire for spiritual self-improvement, and the expression of your individuality will come to you!
You will see your life from a completely different perspective.
After meditating on this Mandala, you will feel a great leap of energy, which contributes to the recovery of all internal organs. All your chakras will be filled with good health, power, and energy.
You will have a positive mood and desire to live brightly, to aspire to comprehend new things every day.
After 21 days of meditation on this Mandala your aura will shine like an angel’s.
You are a divine flower on this Earth and you are worthy of the best!
The energy of this Mandala will help you improve the quality of your life, free yourself from stress, illness, and depression forever.
So be it!