Mandala for Stress release


Daily meditating on this Mandala for 10-15 minutes before going to sleep will help you relax your mind and clear your subtle bodies from the negative influences of the external environment.
Stress is the result of that crazy rhythm of life, trying to adjust to which we lose touch with our inner self, with our essence, with the “atman”.
While meditating on this Mandala, the mental plane is purified and filled with light, pure energy, which dissolves all experiences and annihilates the negative neural connections.

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Meditating on this Mandala before going to sleep will help you to calm down and relax, get a full recovery of energy, and feel lightness and harmony with yourself and the outside world the next day.

Meditation on this Mandala every day for 21 days will improve your relationships at work and in the family.
You will be able to find common ground with anyone. It will be done not only easily, but also in a very funny and pleasant way!

It is beneficial to meditate on this Mandala to the music of transformation from stress.
At the next level, add pulse breathing to the meditation, or full yogic breathing, which you can learn in our classes.