Mandala for Women Health


Meditation on this magical Mandala will help you to fill your feminine chakras with energy, harmonize your aura, envelop it with divine energy, heal and strengthen it.

If they have been bothering you, female illnesses will gradually go away, and your health will be strengthened because the reservoir of your female energy, located in your womb, will be filled energetically.

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It’s no secret that a woman’s womb connects a woman to the entire Cosmos, opening her to an endless source of universal energy. When a woman suffers from female illnesses, the energy in the womb is blocked, which means that the connection with the cosmic source of energy is broken.
And then the woman gets tired, sick, depressed, has bad sleep and conflicts with close people, etc.

Women’s diseases are very noticeable in our aura, because the illness first manifests itself in the subtle plane, affects the etheric body, and only then manifests on the physical body.

Meditation on this Mandala will fill a woman’s etheric body with healing vibrations, which will restore energy and return the woman’s health.
The meditation helps harmonize the energy in the womb, and if all the recommendations and rituals are followed, will heal the female organs completely.

In addition, your relations with the world and people around you will improve; you will be able to find common ground with every person easily.

With each day of meditation, you will blossom even more, become more beautiful, and even happier. Because the center of your feminine essence will be filled with the energy and love of your attention.

It is better to do this meditation with special female music of transformation. On the next level, it is recommended to do the ritual of energetic cleansing of the womb to get rid of all unnecessary things taking your energy connections.