The bow of Tengri


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The package includes

  • The energy practice. “Success and fire. How to increase self-confidence and become successful. “Kundalini.”The powerful energy practice that will help you gain strength, success, prosperity, and wealth. You will become self-confident and self-sufficient. People will listen to you and respect you.
  • Prayer ” FROM Loneliness” Read this prayer when . you feel that you or your loved ones need physical or energy help.
  • Music of Transformation“Discovering Superpowers”. Charge your drinking water with this music, and drink it every morning, and it will heal and charge you with energy.
  • Mandala for awakening superpowers and discovering talents. Meditate on this ancient yantra for help from the Higher Powers to come at once. Living in the social world, our perception of ourselves is limited to a fairly narrow range of our abilities and capacities that we know about ourselves. But in reality, everyone has superpowers, gifts and creative talents that are hidden beneath the masks of social perception. Through meditation on this Mandala new neural connections are formed in the brain, which adjust the whole being to accept the flows of cosmic energy that reveal the amazing talents and abilities of your individuality.