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Beloved, dear soul! Since the time of the flooded Atlantis, the Priestesses of the ancient Temples of Atlantis have protected the High Knowledge of Good and Peace. This Knowledge was meant to heal and provide everyone who would utilize it with a happy fate! But seeing that people are not ready to take this Knowledge in, the Priestesses went to the underground caves where they created the Temple of Prayer for our planet Earth. And for many thousands of years, they have prayed in this temple so that the power of Love and Good awakens in the hearts of people on Earth.
The tears of the Priestesses fell on the stones of the underground grotto. Now the time has come when we are given particles of these stones which contain the prayers of the Great Priestesses of Atlantis.
This piece of stone contains centuries-old Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Gratitude, Beauty, Harmony, and Happiness. If you bring the particle of this stone to your heart, you will feel, or even hear, the prayer for all living beings of the Priestesses. When you join this prayer, you will feel a strong stream of health, youth, love, and good luck flowing through you to your entire lineage. The protective force of goodwill of the Priestesses of Atlantis is flowing!
Here is the prayer that you will be saying with the Priestesses:
鈥淚 love this world, and the world loves me!鈥
If you do this ritual every day, at the same time (the recommended time is 9 p.m. Berlin time), very soon happy events will start to happen in your life: The world will open its bright side to you. Your relatives will begin to understand and love each other, your children鈥檚 fate will improve.. At work, your boss will begin to appreciate your work, unexpected gifts will come in the material sphere. You will feel a huge surge of energy, joy, and optimism! All this will be given to you, while also activating your energy centers, by the cut of the prayer stone of the Priestesses of Atlantis.
Because God takes care of those who take care of the whole world!

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