The Power of Lineage


“The Power of Lineage” – The legendary online course
of the shaman known in 37 countries.
How do you collect all your experience, the experience of your entire family, and discover your inner resources and hidden talents?
“The Power of Lineage” course will help you find yourself!


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The course includes:
5 valuable lessons in which you will immerse yourself in the energy field of your ancestors.

The course is universal and touches upon all areas of your life, it is able to help you in all of the aspects:

  • a healthy, harmonious family;
  • understanding between generations;
  • inner strength and harmony;
  • improvement of the family’s material situation, from now on, and for all future descendants.

The course doesn’t require any special training or specific knowledge. It is available for you. You will be able to do all of these practices and experience the power of shamanic rituals.