The Present of Umai


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The package includes

  • The Practice “Cardio-respiration. Breathing practices to reduce blood pressure. Heart healing.” The cardio-respiration. The practice showes how to reduce blood pressure in 5 minutes without pills. With the help of breathing exercises you can quickly and effectively lower blood pressure and heart rate in 5 minutes.It is a slow deep diaphragmatic breathing.  In order to learn how to do this exercise, you need to practice it a little bit at home and then you will be able to perform this breathing technique at any time and at any place, so no one will know that you are doing this exercise.
  • The Prayer “For depression and fear”. Read this prayer when you feel that you or your loved ones need physical or energy help. 
  • Music of Transformation “On awakening of female magnetism and attractiveness.” Charge your drinking water with this music, and drink it every morning, and it will heal and charge you with energy.
  • The Mandala on the awakening of female magnetism. Meditate on this ancient yantra to make the  Higher Powers help come right away. At the same time, you will receive a flow of healing feminine energy from the Goddess of Nature  – Umai. The energy of meditation on this magical Mandala will fill your female chakras and reveal your best feminine qualities laid by the Higher Powers. The awakening of your feminine magnetism and ability to control your sexual energy will bring everything you dream of into your life. You deserve the best!