The soul of Tes


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The package includes
● The meditation on the video – mandala of the planet “Jupiter.”
Do this video – meditation in the morning to make the Higher Powers’ help come immediately to you. You will strengthen the connection with your predestination and desire of your Soul through this meditation.

Music of Transformation “Getting Rid of Addictions.” Charge your drinking water with this music, and drink it every morning, and it will heal and charge you with energy.

Read this prayer when you feel that you or your loved ones need physical or energy help.

● Meditation “For health”.
Do this video meditation in the first half of the day so that the help of the Higher Powers will come immediately. Thanks to this meditation, you will eliminate chronic fatigue and depression and harmonize your general condition. Immunity will be boosted, and tone will increase. Your mood will always be great. Do it yourself and recommend it to anyone who needs help with their health.

● A mandala for relief from stress, illness and depression.
After meditating on this mandala, you will feel a great surge of energy contributing to healing all internal organs. All your chakras will be filled with health, strength, and energy. Every day you will feel a positive attitude and a desire to live brightly and strive to comprehend new things. Meditate on this ancient mandala so that the help of the Higher Powers will come immediately.