Hello, open and divine soul!
With this message, we want to greet you and congratulate you – you have entered a fairytale! By studying the content of our channel, you will gain an incredible amount of spiritual knowledge and practices for soul development and success in life.

As a searching soul, possessing a kind heart and desiring goodness for the whole world, you will greatly benefit from being a part of a real seminar!


What is a seminar?

It is a celebration!
It is the solution to all complex situations!
It is a space of unity where women come together for prayer and assistance to their loved ones and all your lineage!

True miracles happen at our

  • Healing of chronic illnesses of loved ones
  • Increase in family income
  • Improvement of relationships with partners, meeting one’s soulmate
  • Unveiling extraordinary abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and intuition!

With great love, we have prepared a magical video for you about:

  • How you can unlock your magical abilities, learn to cast spells, and predict the future
  • How to enter the Magical world by the shortest path
  • What awaits you at the first seminar ? And what awaits you at the end of the training!
  • What limits your superpowers and how to remove those barriers
  • When to immediately turn to the Conductors of Power

Dear, we await you both offline and online! Together, we can help all loved ones, the entire world, and transform this world into a paradise!


Why not everyone can attend seminars

Heavenly angel and divine soul!
We have prepared another incredible knowledge for you that will help you enter the epicenter of Power on the planet – the seminar!

However, in order to enter the magical space, it is important to have the goal of spiritual development, helping your loved ones, and doing something good!

Our mission is to help as many people as possible. There is a temporal aspect on Earth right now, where there is a chance to awaken people’s superpowers, all the best, through spiritual practices and spiritual energy.

The knowledge we provide at seminars is the key to the happiness and well-being of all your relatives and loved ones! When you practice, not only do you benefit, but also all your relatives and loved ones.

However, not everyone is open to this knowledge, only highly evolved souls like you. However, through you, help and healing energy will reach everyone you love.

How to attend a seminar?
What qualities do you need to possess?
How can you prepare yourself for this?

In this video:

  • You will receive guidance on how to attend a seminar to develop your superpowers and help everyone you deeply love!
  • How to prepare yourself so that all the energy is directed towards your development?
  • What does it mean to be ready to enter the Place of Power and communicate with the Spirits?
  • How to know when YOUR time has come?
  • Why is it important to undergo an Individual Ritual BEFORE the seminar?
  • How to correctly understand the messages and signs from the Spirits?
  • How to prevent accidents and mishaps with your loved ones?

Only after you have realized and comprehended the wisdom of this Knowledge, can you proceed to the next video, my wise Soul.


How does an individual ritual help?

And now, my dear, we want to share with you the most important knowledge!
It is said that life is like a zebra with stripes. Our destiny is influenced by astrological aspects. Sometimes they are favorable, and we soar in life. Other times they are negative, and everything goes wrong.

Unfortunately, few people possess or utilize this knowledge. Therefore, many succumb to the negative influence of the planets and suffer. This creates negative karma, which is then passed down from generation to generation. This is where ancestral curses arise, and ancestral karma accumulates. When good aspects come, on which we can make a breakthrough in life, we simply do not know about it and carelessly live through this golden time. How can we not miss the benevolent opportunities that fate gives us? And how can we avoid the difficulties destined for us by the stars?

An Individual Ritual is the purification of ancestral karma from all negative aspects and the formation of a positive future for yourself and your loved ones. During the Individual Ritual, an enormous amount of energy accumulates in your aura to manifest any desire, to change your entire destiny, to unfold your purpose and all hidden abilities. Do you desire this, my dear?

With immense love and joy, we present to you a video in which you will learn:

  • In which cases an Individual Ritual is necessary
  • What you need to do BEFORE the ritual for it to work for you
  • What level of Individual Ritual is right for you
  • What is an “energy operation” and how it is conducted
  • How to prepare for the Ritual
  • What is important to do after the Ritual to not lose the received energy

If you want to sign up for an Individual Ritual right now, you can do so using the link:


Magic object

Beautiful and light soul, the further we go, the more interesting it becomes! Moreover, more and more fascinating and sacred knowledge is revealed to you alone! To the one who possesses understanding, wisdom, and the desire to make this world a better place. You are the treasure of this world! Through your light thoughts and prayers, emanations of love spread throughout the world.

Are you ready to learn a little more about… spirits?

At our seminars, we often communicate with Spirits that reside in Objects of Power. I’m sure you already understand that an Amulet is not just an ornament, but a vessel for a Spirit. The Spirit living in an amulet possesses a special Power and has a specific purpose, such as protection, healing, helping find a soulmate, or wealth. When you undergo your individual ritual, you will definitely receive a Spirit Helper and recommendations on what to do with it.

Each Spirit has its preferred metal or stone. For example, yellow metal is associated with the sun, while white is associated with the moon, and corresponding Spirits reside there. The most interesting part is that the Spirit itself chooses its Master, whom it wants to serve. When you hold an Amulet in your hands, you will feel pleasant energy, warmth, or tingling in your palms. And if you are lucky, the Conductor of Power will help you find your Spirit Helper and personally select an Amulet for you at the seminar. Boldly ask each Conductor about it and gather your magical protectors into one family of Spirits Helper.

Are you ready to learn more about magical objects and how Spirits help people? Then watch the next video attentively:

  • What magical objects such as talismans, amulets, and charms are used for.
  • How an amulet can help yourself and your entire family.
  • How and where to store Objects of Power in your home.
  • How to unlock your superpowers with the help of amulets? How to heal?

Your amulet is eagerly waiting for you at the individual ritual! Come and claim your treasure!

And if you want to learn all the secrets of talismans, watch the video course “Amulets,” where the shaman answers the most popular questions about Objects of Power.


Why are seminars paid?

Dear, there is yet another crucial cosmic law that will lay the foundation for shaping your happy destiny! I wouldn’t share this with you if I didn’t know that your open and understanding heart will be able to perceive and wisely apply this profound knowledge.

Are you ready?
It’s about the cosmic law of sacrifice – as much as we give, that’s how much we receive.

I’m sure you already understand well that everything comes with a price, and everything in the world is energy, including money. All energy is given to us by God, and He watches where we direct it, what desires and goals we have. How will we spend the energy bestowed upon us by God? Will we use it to buy unnecessary things or for spiritual growth and helping others?

When we make the right choice – to develop ourselves, help others, and do deeds that please God – then God helps us, gives us even more energy and various blessings, protects us from financial losses, and opens new sources of income.

It’s essential for material energy to be transformed into more subtle spiritual energy; otherwise, it stagnates and turns into a “swamp.” This leads to illnesses, debts, loans, and unexpected bankruptcies. But when we open ourselves to God, let the energy flow through us and release it easily, then we also receive it easily, often even in much greater abundance!

Would you like to understand how it works? Watch the video attentively:

  • What is sacrifice and what forms can it take?
  • What is the difference between payment and sacrifice?
  • What should you sacrifice to fulfill your greatest desire?
  • What do the Conductors of Power sacrifice?
  • What are the three types of sacrifice?
  • What should you sacrifice to unlock your superpowers?

This knowledge will revolutionize your worldview and help you achieve everything you desire in life! Please share your questions and insights on this topic, as it will resolve many situations in your life all at once!


Spirituality should be free

Divine and light soul!

In continuation of the previous lesson, I will bring you more knowledge and a video that will be beneficial for your success and the well-being of the world!

My dear, there is another important law regarding the flow of material energy. If this law is violated, negative karma is accumulated in the form of illnesses, financial difficulties, and a loss of life force.

However, when this law is observed, God bestows upon us many gifts: robust health, harmonious relationships, inner peace, and absolute happiness. You can accept all the gifts of destiny, trust in God, and witness the boundlessness of His possibilities. After all, everything we have is given to us by God. Trusting Him is our greatest gratitude.

Find out more in the video:

  • What is spirituality and spiritual energy? Where does spiritual power come from?
  • Why is sacrifice important?
  • Who determines what sacrifice is needed?
  • Substitute sacrifice

Dear, make sure to watch this video three times before and two times after the individual ritual or seminar! It contains very powerful transformative knowledge!


5 tips on what to do after the seminar to manifest your desires

Dear soul, congratulations! You have experienced a powerful practice of transformation – a seminar! Only the most open-minded, wise individuals who are committed to their own development and carry the idea of growth, love, and joy in the world attend seminars! Wonderful people like you!

Thank you for helping create a unified field.

After the seminar, every participant feels inspired! This happens because the energy level significantly increases. However, when we return to our familiar environment, our energy gradually starts to drain. Therefore, it is important to observe five rules for conserving energy.

One of the most crucial rules is keeping sacred knowledge secret. This is the art of Toltec sorcerers – Stalking. For example, if you tell an unprepared person who is not interested in spirituality about what happens at the seminar, they may not understand or even judge you. For instance, during meditation, you saw the Spirit of an owl, which then took the form of an amulet, and now you have the Spirit of the owl around your neck. How do you think an ordinary person would react to such a thing? Most likely, they would ridicule what is sacred to you. Such an act could incur the wrath of spirits upon them. To prevent this, keep sacred knowledge secret from the uninitiated.

Would you like to learn more about Stalking? Watch the video where you will discover:

  • What to do immediately after the seminar to channel all the received energy into manifesting your desires?
  • How to protect yourself from energy vampires?
  • What will energize you throughout a challenging workday?
  • How to preserve energy after the seminar and help your loved ones?
  • How to maintain and even multiply a high energy level day by day?

Dear, by following the recommendations after the seminar, you reinforce and increase the results of the practices and rituals you have performed tenfold. See you in the next video!


Why attend classes if you have already attended a women’s seminar?

Dear and wise soul, after the seminar, you already understand a lot, and your loving heart, like a lighthouse, guides you on the right path. Surely, you now have a strong desire to find yourself at the seminar again, surrounded by Enlightened spirits and loving hearts.

By the way, do you know that desire is the driving power that shapes our destiny? We must learn to see and understand which desires are beneficial and which are not. Which desires lead us to happiness and growth, and which lead to ruin. We should strengthen desires that contribute to our development and get rid of those that lead to destruction.

My dear, in this video, you will learn how to desire correctly in order to pursue the path of happiness and success. You will also discover:

  • How do you appear in the eyes of others after the seminar?
  • The diagram of ups and downs – how not to repeat mistakes?
  • The maturation effect – how to direct the energy after the seminar correctly to achieve your specific goal?
  • Which desires bring the most joy and happiness?



How to find time to implement all the recommendations after the seminar?

Dear, step by step an important aspect of your development and contribution to the world is being revealed – your spiritual growth. Why is it important? Because you carry the energy of light and spirituality, especially after a seminar – a kind word, a glance, a smile from you warm everyone around you – you are the Sun of humanity.

That’s why your attitude towards personal growth should be very serious. We often attach great importance to our desires related to material needs: buying a new car, building a house, getting an education, pursuing a career. I think you will agree that all of this is not as important compared to the mission of your soul, helping your kin, and healing loved ones.

Therefore, it is crucial to learn to easily deal with the trivialities of life and take spiritual development very seriously, paying more attention to it, as the well-being of the whole world depends on it.

After the seminar, many students ask the question: How can I combine the Spiritual and the Material and find time to implement all the recommendations? In response to this, we have created this video for you, my dear.

From it, you will learn:

  • How to properly prioritize your life and find time for spiritual practices without neglecting your usual life?
  • How to perform an energy practice once so that the result is 100 times stronger than usual?
  • How to focus on what truly matters and not waste energy on trivial matters?

We love you very much, my dear, and wish for all your desires to come true.
To achieve that, diligently follow all the recommendations, and everything will work out for you.
Gain even more wisdom, and thanks to you, this world will become better and better!


Why seminars don’t help? What mistakes prevent happiness?

Dear, we continue your initiation into the mystery of feminine development. After all the rituals, practices at seminars, and lessons you have gone through, your aura is already radiating a silvery light – a sign of awakening feminine energy.

Filled with energy after the seminar, you are now capable of creating real miracles. However, sometimes it happens that there is not enough power to accomplish everything you have planned. Why does this happen? Where does the energy go? How can you regain it? All the answers are in the new video lessons that you must watch after the seminar. In these videos, the 4 reasons why we don’t achieve what we desire, even if we have done everything for it, are explained. In these videos, you will learn all the essential information about applying the recommendations after the seminar, so as not to waste any drop of energy!

Watch this video several times to consolidate the results and move on to the next one!



Why you shouldn’t socialize with participants after the seminar?

Divine Woman of Power! We know that you are the most open-hearted soul, striving for development and self-improvement.
We want to share with you the most important secret of happiness! Are you ready to learn it?

Dear, to achieve happiness, you must start loving people. Then meeting each person will be a joy, something interesting, filled with positive emotions, a true miracle. We know that you have the soul of an angel, and when you align yourself, you can help many people with your prayers and kindness!

I’m sure you understand well that when we not only strive to be happy ourselves but also wish good for others, our desires are fulfilled faster! However, sometimes our desire to help can harm a person if we don’t understand the karmic laws. That’s why it’s important to listen to the recommendations of the Conductors of Power, as they see the subtle level and can guide us on how to act correctly in different situations.

If you want to understand the karmic laws, watch the following video carefully. Thanks to this lesson, you will learn very important information to help your kin and all people:

  • What are karmic relationships? How can they cause harm?
  • How can you be affected by someone else’s problem?
  • How does the seminar space protect the participants?

We love you, my dear, and wish for all your desires to come true.
To achieve that, diligently follow all the recommendations, and everything will surely work out for you.
Exciting and captivating practices await you, but most importantly, it’s the continuous development of your priceless soul!
See you soon, my light soul.


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