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Individual session

Do you feel like you are at a dead end? Do you need help finding solutions to everyday problems?

Then you are in the right place. On our website, you can receive an online consultation with an international master of women’s practices, life coach, psychologist, and seer.

Often people are at a loss because over their problems and life situations. In today’s technogenic and urban world, many people have lost touch with their intuition and inner wisdom that can help you live a full healthy and happy life.

Individual consultations and sessions are recommended in addition to attending seminars and workshops. A request for consultation can be any issue that you pay special attention to in your life: problems and conflicts that you cannot solve, issues that have long haunted you, or goals that you pursue. According to your requests and needs, there are different types of individual sessions, a selection of which can be found here. Be sure to email us if you need a individual session, ritual or consultation on your personal matter.

Leave your application and your life will soon change for the better!