About retreats

My dear, we also host in-person training and seminars where you can learn ancient healing practices, where selected women gather, healers of their lineage. The seminar will help you to discover your new purpose, improve the life of your whole family and bring happiness to you and everyone you love.

This meeting is one of 12 stages of a training course in rare ancient practices for you and your loved ones.

At the end of the two-day seminar, you will receive a diploma confirming your new status.

After completing all stages of the seminar, 99% of all your problems and family problems will begin to be resolved!

the energy will begin to heal those of your loved ones who are sick.
✧ you will learn how to find your true soul mate and how to build a trusting relationship with her.
✧ relationships with loved ones will begin to strengthen
✧ financial blocks will start to disappear
✧ a channel of abundance will open for all of your lineage.
✧ talented and healthy children will be born into the lineage.

See how the seminars have already helped thousands of women around the world:

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