An individual ritual can be a turning point in your life.
It will help you to discover your new destiny, change the lives of your entire family, improve your health, build relationships with your family, and open a financial flow. Often, an individual ritual can even save the life of you or your loved one.

And if you have a serious problem and you want to solve and eliminate the causes of its occurrence, then the Mentor will help you. The Mentor will not only work with the outward manifestations of your problem, but also with the underlying cause of the problem. If you follow all recommendations, the ritual will help very quickly!



• How long does the ritual last?
Time is determined by the Mentor. The ritual usually lasts from 15 to 40 minutes.

• What time can I come to the ritual?
After you leave the application, our people will contact you and set a time for an individual work. We always choose the most convenient time for you, as well as the most energetically suitable for an individual ritual.

•How does the ritual go?
The ritual can take different forms. In trance format, the Mentor will ask you to move to the music. Or in the form of gyud, you will then need to take the position for relaxation. At this time, it is important to be alone and turn off the sound of your phone, and make sure to create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself.
Most importantly, the Mentor reads the signs in your aura at a distance and connects to an unlimited source of energy. There’s a hidden potential in you!
In the ritual, three centers are harmonised at once. A physical body is healed, weak attitudes change to strong ones, and emotional traumas are healed and the heart opens up.
In life you will begin to act in a new way, and new opportunities will open! Your dreams will come true! Just open up, try, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

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Recommendations after ritual and individual development
The Mentor continues to work with you after the ritual. She will transmit the energy and pray for you in the Places of power. After the ritual you will receive individual recommendations. This is a real miracle! If you perform these simple practices daily, your energy field will change in 21 days. The benefits you gain in the ritual are crystallized on a physical level and will never leave you.

What can I do to take the ritual?
Fill out the registration form and make a payment.
Check your contact details carefully. You will be contacted and a convenient time will be set up for you. Read the recommendations to prepare for the ritual.

How to prepare for the ritual?
For an individual online ritual, please, follow the following steps to be fully prepared.
A technical question: Make sure that the Zoom program is installed on your computer/smartphone, as well as a working camera and a microphone that are turned on.
When you receive the link, please, check whether your room works at least 15 minutes before the session starts.
Prepare a candle and a glass of water
On a session day, stay calm, tune into questions, and make a wish to make your situation be resolved Please, listen carefully and do what a shaman says, because she is in the process of communicating with the Spirits and will receive an answer for you.
Be relaxed and take the energy that comes to you to transform and cleanse your destiny
Pay attention to all recommendations
No audio or video recording during the session All necessary links and materials will be provided to you after the session
If you hear names unknown to you, do not worry, all explanations will be given to you by the Mentor’s Assistant.
Contact the Shaman’s assistant by phone and she will explain to you how to implement all the recommendations.
Remember that the Shaman works not only with you but also with your lineage, and recommendations are given to help your whole lineage.

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