About individual sessions

True wonders happen to those who connect with the Egregor of the Great Spiritual School and come under its protection! The energy of the Egregor protects from all misfortunes and troubles, attracts prosperity and wealth, brings true love and harmony into the family, heals diseases, unlocks the genius of children, and brings happiness to the whole lineage!

In an individual session, a representative of our Spiritual School, who possesses a special initiation, will connect you to the energy of the Egregor, and you will be amazed at how quickly the desired results will come. The help will extend not only to you but also to your relatives, close ones, and even pets.

And if you have a serious problem and want to address and eliminate its root causes, the Egregor will help you. The Egregor will work not only on the external manifestations of your problem but also on the deep-rooted cause. If you follow all the recommendations and study the great knowledge of our school, the ritual will help very quickly!

🤗⭐️ Amazing things are happening in our School!

How long does the ritual last?

The duration of the ritual is determined by a representative of our spiritual school who will conduct the ritual. Typically, the ritual lasts between 15 and 40 minutes.

At what time can I come for the ritual?

After you submit a request, we will contact you and schedule a time for individual work. We always choose the most convenient time for you, as well as the most energetically suitable time for the individual ritual.

How does the ritual proceed?

 The ritual can take various forms. It might be in the format of a Gyud ritual, where you need to take a relaxing posture, or in the format of a light trance, where you can move freely. During this time, it is important to be alone, turn off your phone, and create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself. 

The most important thing is that a representative of our Spiritual School reads the signs in your aura from a distance and connects you to the unlimited energy source of the Egregor, which performs miracles.

During the ritual, three centers are harmonized simultaneously. The physical body is healed, weak mental attitudes are replaced with strong ones, emotional traumas are healed, and the heart is opened. In life, you will begin to act in new ways, and new opportunities will open up for you! Your dreams will come true! Just open up, give it a try, and the results will pleasantly surprise you.

Recommendations after the ritual and individual development

The energy of the Egregor continues to work with you even after the ritual. To enhance the effect of the ritual, concentrate on your desire for at least 10 minutes every day, without allowing any other thoughts during this time. This is a mandatory practice after any individual session.

You will also receive individual recommendations. Be sure to follow them – and then a real miracle will happen! Study and spread the teachings of our great spiritual school, bring people to our school – then good karma will gradually accumulate, and all problems will be solved.

Practice the recommended exercises daily, and your energy field will change within 21 days. Positive changes will crystallize on the physical level and will never leave you.

See the results that occur after an individual session:

What can I do to participate in the ritual?

Fill out the registration form and make the payment. Carefully check your contact details. We will contact you and schedule a convenient time for you. Read the recommendations for preparing for the ritual.

How do I prepare for the ritual?

Make sure to study all the videos and materials provided on this page carefully.

To participate in an individual online ritual, please follow these steps to be fully prepared.

Technical preparation: Make sure that the Zoom software is installed on your computer/smartphone, and that the camera and microphone are working. When you receive the link, check that your setup is working at least 15 minutes before the session starts.

Prepare a glass of water. On the day of the session, stay calm, focus on your questions, and make a wish for your situation to be resolved. Please listen carefully and do what the representative of the spiritual school says, as they are in the process of communicating with the spirit of the Egregor and the spirit helpers, and will receive an answer for you. Be relaxed and accept the energy that comes to you to transform and cleanse your destiny.

Pay attention to all recommendations. No audio or video recordings during the session. All necessary links and materials will be provided to you after the session. If you hear names unfamiliar to you, don’t worry, the conductor of power and their helpers will explain everything to you.

Contact the assistant by phone, and they will explain how to implement all the recommendations. Remember that the energy of the Egregor works not only with you but also with your lineage, and the recommendations are given to help your entire lineage.

My dear, the most important thing right now is to gather women and spread the materials of our Great Spiritual School, then God will help you in everything.
Invite your friends to our School, bring them to seminars and classes, invite them to individual sessions, and receive gifts and bonuses. Accumulate good karma, and the help will extend to all your relatives.

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