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By participating in the “Field of Love,” you will be freed from illnesses and able to heal your family, find a reliable and loving partner, and attract happiness and prosperity. This prayer will bring luck into your life and your lineage!

Together, we will create a sphere of the energy of the heart that will fill our loved ones, children, pets, and the entire world with light, health, and love. You are a person with a great and good heart, a true benefactor of our planet.
Let us unite our hearts in a healing prayer.

Healing Circle Prayer

An amazing method to implement any desire or good intention. A group of like-minded individuals represents a great power. And when the energy of the people in the group is united towards a common goal, any task can be accomplished. The most important thing is to collectively tune into a goal and desire it very strongly, while praying to God. And if this is done sincerely, from the heart, with faith and strong emotions, then the collective energy of the group will create a phantom that realizes their intention.


“Today is a very important moment in the life of our Earth. Its future, and therefore our children’s future, is being decided. The Forces of Evil are not slumbering on the Earth. There is a lot of negative energy and false information. Old good movies and cartoons, on which we were educated, joining with Good, have disappeared from the screens. They have been replaced by scenes of horror and violence, scenes of constant war and destruction, stories about ghouls, demons and vampires. The same themes are supported in computer games. Children’s toys in the form of various monsters appear from the basis of modern computer games. The child is thus placed in a destructive atmosphere of aggression, destruction, violence, and images of the lower demonic world. Children have almost no contact with nature – it has been replaced by an artificial urban world with dead energy. Parents, busy with work, have less and less time for soulful communication with their children. At best they are taught by indifferent educators, and often by people who give examples of aggression and intolerance and who should not be allowed near children at all. Schoolchildren are exposed to the negative impact of television and computers. That is why there are so many sick, mentally retarded children with mental disabilities. Even seemingly prosperous parents grow up criminals, selfish or degenerate, affected by laziness, drug addiction, and gambling addiction. However, there is a way out of this depressing situation.”

“We, all parents and those who are preparing to become parents, even if the child has not yet been conceived, must unite together and form a Field of Love that will protect our children from the negative energy and nourish their beings with the Highest Divine energy of love. And the more we gather, and the more often we do it, the more benefit we can bring to ourselves and our children. No expensive toys and things, no prestigious colleges can replace the energy of love, tenderness, kindness and harmony for a child. No medicines and expensive clinics can give this to sick children, for whom this energy is a real salvation, and a salvation from any diseases, even those considered incurable. Even very good parents alone cannot transmit as much energy to a child as they can receive from a group of people. The power of a group, according to Cosmic Laws, is multiplied by the number of its members. Besides, the group, unlike a single person, is able to attract the Highest Divine energy of the Cosmos and form a phantom field from it, which even in the absence of parents will envelop and protect the child. And for adults themselves, there is no better practice of transformation than creating a Field of Love for themselves and their offspring.”

“A child can’t be alone. One needs a group of children. But what kind of community are our children surrounded by now? When even in the elite colleges of Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford, children using drugs, gambling, violence, lying, and cruelty are the norm. By gathering together in a united group of creators of the Field of Love, we will be able to unite our children so that they not only become friends with each other, but also stay together in our nurseries, kindergartens, and schools, where the educators will share the idea of the Field of Love and other harmonious good methods of caring for children. Without such unification, we ourselves and, most importantly, our descendants, will be defenseless against the surrounding Forces of Evil and destruction, which are now destroying and decomposing millions of people. Now, my dear ones, the most important and decisive hour has come for us to form this good field. Sit down, forming a big circle, and place the children with baby sitters and photos of your children, who are not here now, with hairs and fingernails from them to strengthen the astral connection, in the center of this circle. Interlock your hands correctly, and let us begin our prayer to God, opening our hearts to Him and asking Him to give us and our children the energy of love. On the inhalation fill with this energy, and on the exhalation transfer it to the center of the circle to our children.”

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Read one of the stories about how the “Field of Love”
helped someone get up from a wheelchair:

…Ruslan gave them a ride in his car. Arthur lifted Alice in his arms and they entered the hall, with Ruslan behind them carrying her stroller. The girl was seated in the center of the circle, and the people in the group began to perform a ritual, praying and repeating the healing mantra “Dadjita,” directing their energy to Alice and bringing down the Divine flow.

Suddenly, in the middle of the ritual, Alice stood up from her chair. The people present gasped. Arthur immediately ran up and grabbed her hand happily:

“My love, have you recovered? Can you walk now?”

“No, not yet,” she answered with a smile. “I can still feel weakness in my legs, but I felt again as if an electric shock went through my spine and legs. And I realized that I could stand up.”

Mantra Dajitha

The mantra Dajitha has a special effect on the energetic fields and natural rhythms of your body. When you hear it, you will feel your consciousness clearing, your body healing and rejuvenating, bright energy filling your aura and cleansing the space.



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