✨Ritual for healing all problems,
for the revelation of superpowers,
and to help people


A unique event 🙏 for all the people of the world!

Every Wednesday at 8:00 PM Berlin time, a new online ritual and a new lesson of the course for special energetic exercises will be opened.

You can view this via the link:

Participation is free!
You can now view all open prayers and lessons directly 🙏

The flow of God’s love and grace will flow, which we will transmit all over the world! You will feel the powerful flow.
A healing online session awaits you and your loved ones, which can open up wonderful abilities.
Clairvoyance, liberation from diseases, summoning good spirits to save the city, the country, and the planet.
Participation in this online ritual for healing all problems, for revealing superpowers, and to help people offers great help for all whom you pray for, for all your relatives and close ones: sick, needy, and lonely people.

Every soul will receive help and healing of the body and fate.
In this prayer, you will witness a wonder!

❤️We are expecting you. You are already part of this great event!

✨✨✨✨✨ Open online courses for women✨✨✨✨✨
✨✨✨✨✨ In the international community ✨✨✨✨✨


blankMy dear, we invite you to the world’s only spiritual school for women with a high destiny. Your heart is filled with the light desire to make this world beautiful, so your path is the path of Shakti – a divine woman who has revealed her destiny to help people and has become happy. 🙏

More info:
🌺 Link to the course, no registration required: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnk3_k8aSEqCg_Vh_a1EcuVpOXVct1EJZ
🌺 Every Thursday at 8:00 PM Berlin time, you will have access to a new lesson. The rest of the lessons will be available as recordings in the channel’s playlist.
🌺 Language: English

💫 The training is led by masters of ethnic practices of women and ancient sacred knowledge of the Great Spiritual School, superhumans with revealed superpowers. With each course, you will become happier and help your entire family!

💫A special time is coming when the salvation of people and the well-being of our loved ones depend on each woman who is open to the light. Studying in our school, every woman will find effective methods, tools, and practices for herself to solve any problem. Start studying, apply this knowledge, and all desires will come true!

Thanks to the women’s courses:
🌿 healthy, talented children are born.
🌿 rejuvenation of the body occurs and the process of self-healing of chronic diseases is initiated
🌿 mutual understanding and harmony among relatives are created.
🌿 mutual understanding and trust in partnership relationships are established
🌿 success in business, prosperity, and growth of material wealth is achieved
🌿 the flow of abundance opens up for all you love
🌿 you will learn exactly how you can help the world and how you can protect your family and all you love through sacred rituals and prayers.
🌿 you will gain knowledge of ancient temple protection rituals for yourself, the whole family, pets.

Special gift:
The secret knowledge of the priestesses will be revealed to you! This unique knowledge will unleash your superpowers and higher destiny! You will learn how to unite other women and conduct spiritual practices together with them to lead your own circle of women.

Are you ready to become happy? Then click on the links and start now to fill yourself with exalted states of happiness and grace!