💖”MYSTERY. An untold story of love”💖


MYSTERY. An untold story of love. 1 Episode. True tantra.

💖 What is true tantra and how is it different from sex?
💖 How to meet your soulmate, your Divine Partner, Onome.
💖 How to work properly with sexual energy
💖 Where do diseases, stress, insomnia come from?
💖 How to use sex for your development and make it a way to God?
💖 Why are there many images of gods copulating in the ancient teachings of India and Tibet?
💖 How to meet your true love?


MYSTERY. An untold story of love. 2 Episode. Night of love.

💖 How to practice tantra in everyday life?
💖 Secrets of tantric nutrition
💖 UFOs. Encounter with aliens
💖 Why is orgasm not allowed in tantra?
💖 How to properly communicate with the Spirit of the place


MYSTERY. An untold story of love. 3 Episode. Zombie TV.

💖 What secret lies on the other side of the TV screen?
💖 What mushrooms do shamans use for mystical journeys?
💖 What happens to the soul during clinical death?
💖 How does a psychotronic generator zombify people?
💖 Why did God create Satan?


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