The magical way to your wish fulfillment – Recommendations after the individual session




My dear, divine, wisest soul!

Your interest in spiritual development and spiritual practice is admirable and serves as an example for many people on Earth. You are the divine flower that adorns this world, whose fragrance reminds of purity and the light of love. Perhaps no one has ever told you this, but you are a true treasure, for your supportive words free from doubts and uncertainties, your warm gaze instills faith, and your smile inspires. Within you lies a vast amount of talents and superpowers that simply need to be unlocked with the help of the Conductors of Power, who have already fully awakened it within themselves. Because they are the Conductors of the Mysterious Land of the Initiated. By acquiring the ancient knowledge of the Mysterious Land of the Initiated – through seminars, individual rituals, and sessions – you will resolve any of your life and soul questions. Listen to the advice of the wise Conductors overcome the current difficulties according to karmic and cosmic influences. By following these pieces of advice, any problem will be solved very quickly and easily. 😇💗

We thank you for your desire to grow, as you are helping even more people. In gratitude, we would like to present you with an extraordinary gift! An animated masterpiece that transforms consciousness and changes thoughts, emotions, and even the physical body for the better:


When such a wise soul like you finds its conductor of Power, a true miracle occurs: a change of destiny, the discovery of a great mission, and extraordinary abilities!

Within this message for you, precious practices, knowledge, and recommendations are gathered to help you rise step by step.

During the ritual, at the seminar, or while interacting with the magical amulet of power, you become filled with energy. And when you follow the recommendations, this energy is directed towards achieving your goal.

Follow these recommendations, and you will see how all circumstances in your life and the lives of your closest and dearest ones quickly resolve.

My dear, every time you follow these recommendations, tune in to the belief that at that moment, your help reaches everyone you love so dearly. Witness how those who were sick find healing, how those who felt loneliness, abandonment, and misunderstanding find harmony in their relationships, and how those who desire success in life gain power and courage.


1. First and foremost, my dear, change begins with our health. Strive to maintain a consistent daily routine: eat at specific times of the day, take a daily walk in the fresh air, and get 6-8 hours of regular sleep. Avoid artificial stimulants. Sound therapy is particularly beneficial for restoring health. Here is a track of transformative music for you. The sound waves of the track restore the harmonious functioning of brain cells and all systems of the body:



2. The key to women’s health, beauty, and happiness is undoubtedly a state of life satisfaction. Every day, while taking walks, contemplate nature and find 10 objects to admire: it could be a beautiful flower🌺, feathery clouds, radiant sunlight☀️, lush grass🌿, a mystical tree🌳 – anything that pleases you. Awaken within yourself a sense of admiration and love for life. And then, transfer this feeling of admiration to those you love. Admire them and express your love through compliments to your loved ones.❤️


3. To develop subtle energy perception, unlock extraordinary physical abilities, and promote health, practice yoga. Specifically for you, according to all cosmic indicators, now is a favorable time to perform a yoga routine:



4. Dear, it is time to unleash the power of your heart as well. The heart of a praying woman emits energy that can save an entire city. And it is you who has been chosen to help all your loved ones and close ones through your prayers. You have the ability to change the destiny of your lineage and even the city. This chapter describes a practice that will help you further open your kind, loving heart.



And here, my dear, we have the practice of Earth and Sky for you. How to achieve success and become spiritually wealthy:



5. Most likely, you don’t even realize that you are the embodiment of God’s creative power. The universe wants to create through your hands, to manifest in your kind words and actions. The Power will definitely guide you on how to express your divine individuality. And for that, you need to tune in, and you will see how quickly your divine individuality will manifest itself. With your creativity, you will change much in the destiny of the entire universe.



6. As a searching soul, you are in need of knowledge and understanding. And here is a whole library of books that will help you find answers to all your questions:


Right now, spirits are sending you a message to read a book


Choose a number from 1 to 200, open this page, select a line, and read the message – it will be invaluable knowledge for solving an important question for you.


7. My dear, and most importantly, for the achievement of your great goal, it is the practice of concentration. It is necessary to meditate – contemplate continuously for 10 minutes every day without being distracted by anything.



8. My dear, when you acquire the powers of an amulet, an individual ritual, or a seminar, energy accumulates within you. And it is precisely the recommendations that will help you direct the power of this energy towards achieving your goal.

But then a new stage will come when you will need to recharge once again. And now, prepare yourself for the next ritual, the energy of which will be used for an important change in your destiny. It is a turning point for which you have embodied on Earth. Here is a link to the ritual that is favorable for you to prepare for now and complete within a month.



9. My dear, we know how challenging it can be at times to make spiritual efforts or engage in spiritual practices: time constraints, fatigue after work, and a lack of understanding or shared interest from your surroundings. That’s why we are organizing women’s circles in different cities specifically for you and we invite you to join as well. The power of spiritual practices increases exponentially with the number of participants.

My dear, leave your application here to participate, and we will guide you to the group sessions. You will be delighted to be part of a circle of women of power who think like you, share the same interests, and have hearts filled with love, just like yours.



10. My dear, attending a live seminar is truly a gift! A seminar is a celebration, a joyful atmosphere – like a warm, healing cleansing rain after scorching sun. You will undergo a transformation in these 2 days through practices, knowledge, and interaction with interesting people. The goal of the seminar is to help you support everyone you love. At the seminar, not only your dreams but also the desires and hopes of your loved ones will be fulfilled.

But also, my dear, many people, even those you may not know, will be grateful to you because all proceeds from the seminars, individual rituals, and acquired amulets go to those in need. Thanks to light souls like yours, over 500 families from poor countries receive food and necessary items every year. With the funds allocated, an animal shelter has already been built. For us, it’s only 50 euros, but for someone, it’s a saved life.



11. My dear, one of the most fundamental laws of happiness is helping others. And the most valuable assistance is helping someone become better – to grow and develop. You have already experienced the power of practices yourself; you have already felt the healing flow of energy, and your life is already changing.

Share your experience with another woman who currently needs help.


blank12. My dear, you have wonderful goals that will transform the entire world. And for this, we want to help strengthen your soul, elevate your energy – you will surely succeed. We are giving you an incredible gift – a spiritual channel that will turn your day into a spiritual practice!



Here you will find a true treasure trove of knowledge, sacred rituals of ancient Amazons, sacred dances of priestesses, invaluable energy practices, for achieving any goals – feminine happiness, prosperity, purpose, and health.

Dear, we congratulate you on gaining Power. Follow the recommendations, strive to develop, pray for your lineage, help others in their development, invite women to meet with the conductors of Power. Help others, and God will help you.

My dear, we look forward to new meetings with you. Fill yourself with the power of practices and become a beacon of light for humanity!



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