The magical way to your wish fulfillment – Recommendations after the individual session

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Namaste, dear soul! 

Congratulations! An important event has occurred in your life through the blessings of the higher powers, resulting in a deep transformation and change in your destiny that was planned by God. Thank you for listening to your heart!

Your ancient, angelic soul  is open to embracing these changes, as you have a very high purpose in this life! You are not reading these lines by coincidence  – you are the oldest of your tribe, the wisest soul among your loved ones, and your birth has been long-awaited. Your tribe has deep roots and strong, accomplished ancestors who have performed many good deeds. By performing rituals and wearing magical amulets, you cleanse the karma of your tribe, and your ancestors are very grateful to you. They help you from the subtle world and eagerly await your help in return. They ask you to follow the path of your heart, the path of development, for the future of the next generation and for peace on our earth.



You have received an abundance  of energy and power, and it is now crucial to absorb them and not lose this energy. Therefore, we offer you these recommendations that have already helped thousands of women achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Please write to us if you have any questions – we will be happy to answer them and help you!


Perform this ancient ritual daily, once in the morning and once in the evening:


 2. Tie a red thread around your left wrist with the words: “MY WORD IS MY POWER, MY DREAM WILL COME TRUE!”

 3. Wear one or more amulets of power on yourself or nearby. Place your right hand on the cord, grasp your wrist with strength and confidence.

 4. Ensure that your thoughts are fully focused on your goal. Visualize vividly who you will be when you achieve your goal, how you will help others and your tribe, and how happy your loved ones will be thanks to your accomplishments!


Recommendations for each chakra:

🟣 Sahasrara

My dear soul, with great love, I am sending you the links to two incredible books that will help you explore your supernatural powers, unlock your inner potential and become very successful in all areas of life. Please check them out and read a few pages each day:

Please send us your questions and insights. This will help and support your further development.



Daily 10-minute meditation on this mandala will help you concentrate better during the day, become more successful every day and develop your clairvoyance ability.

🔷 Vishuddha

Every day for 5 minutes, do the dance “Natyam.” This is a dance dedicated to the Divine! Dance every day, and as a result, your vitality will increase, and creative ideas will fill your life.

🟢 Anahata

To harmonize the heart, nurture relationships with a partner and with those close to you, it is favorable for you to wear an amulet that opens the heart for 21 days. Order it here or get it at a live seminar:



It is important that you carry out the following ritual to increase your prosperity. This ritual will make you the keeper of sacred energy of abundance and prosperity in your Lineage. 

Perform this ritual daily for 21 days. Every day, the waterfall of your desires will extend further and wider. Your finances  will expand, and your personal power, success and prosperity will increase.

Do the Dzayan Dzayachi meditation before going to bed to set yourself up for the flow of abundance:


Darling Do this ancient ritual of Raja Yoga every day before going to bed. By doing this, you will harmonize the male and female energies within yourself and create a harmonious relationship with your partner.



Dear, start your morning by accumulating physical power with this Kunoichi exercise,  so you can always be healthy and direct energy to your highest goals:

During the day or as part of your nightly routine, we ask you to dedicate 10-30 minutes to relax and restore health. Remember that you are a beautiful flower in the hands of God!



The next step in your spiritual development is an INDIVIDUAL RITUAL to solve one of your situations. You have a situation that consumes a lot of your energy and power, which should actually be used for your health and fulfilling your desires. This situation/problem is draining this energy. The individual ritual will help solve even the most difficult situation/problem that has remained unresolved for years. Congratulations! The time has come for your life to change for the better.


Sign up here for a complete solution to your situation:


The more you develop spiritually, the more you will help your entire family. Therefore, gain as much energy as possible by performing rituals and acquiring magical amulets. Material prosperity, love, and warmth will come into your home, and the relationships between your loved ones will improve. Your mental health and general well-being will significantly improve, and children and parents will appreciate and respect each other more. Your talents will unfold, and the path of your destiny will reveal itself.

You are a true woman of power who follows the call of her heart! Soon, you will learn more about yourself and the true power hidden within you, which nobody has ever told you about. A great future awaits you, and you possess great supernatural abilities. You are the guardian of your tribe and the sun of humanity. More happiness and a great destiny are waiting for you!


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