The magical way to your wish fulfillment – Recommendations after the individual session



My dear, divine, wisest soul!

Your interest in spiritual development and spiritual practice is admirable and serves as an example for many people on Earth. You are the divine flower that adorns this world, whose fragrance reminds of purity and the light of love. Perhaps no one has told you this yet, but you are a true treasure. Your supportive words free others from doubts and uncertainties, your warm gaze instills trust, your smile encourages. Within you lie many talents and supernatural abilities that only need to be uncovered with the wisdom of the Mentor who has already fully unlocked them within themselves. For they are the Conductors of the Mysterious Land of the Initiated. By acquiring the ancient knowledge of the Mysterious Land of the Initiated – in seminars, during individual rituals and sessions – you will solve every question of your life and soul. Listen to the advice of the wise Conductors to overcome current difficulties according to karmic and cosmic influences. By following these pieces of advice, every problem will be resolved very quickly and easily. 😇💗