Each series reveals new secrets beyond Earth, different forms of life, numerous worlds and a variety of beings of the subtle plane: angels, spirits, lyarvas, aliens…

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Life after Life Episode 1

  • What happens to the soul after death?
  • What are ghosts really?
  • Whom do believers pray to: Egregore or God?
  • The healing power of prayer.


Life after Life Episode 2

  • What to do if you end up in hell?
  • Meeting with God?
  • How do thoughts influence our lives?
  • What is the meaning of life?


Life after Life Episode 3

  • Who meets a person after death?
  • How to find your relatives in the afterlife?
  • Can one be reincarnated in a form other than human?
  • How does God “bake” the soul?


Life after Life Episode 4

  • Why are the deceased vampires to the living?
  • How to learn to read minds?
  • How to meet with angels?
  • What determines on which level we will be after death?


Life after Life Episode 5

  • Spiritual séance: communicating with deceased relatives.
  • How and which spirits respond when we call them?
  • What is telepathy and how to develop it?
  • Do zombies really exist?


Life after Life Episode 6

  • How to create an outstanding masterpiece or make the greatest discoveries?
  • How to implant your thoughts in another person?
  • How does sex occur in the astral realm?
  • Is it possible to experience an orgasm after death and how to do it?


Life after Life Episode 9

  • How to discover one’s past lives?
  • Extraterrestrials. How is life structured on other planets?
  • How do religions emerge on Earth?
  • The true meaning of all religions.


Life after Life Episode 10

    • SECRET CONSPIRACY – What are they hiding from us?
    • How do demons hold their feast?
    • The true causes of war on Earth.
    • How do demons control the world?