The Sacred Initiation of the “Golden Amazon – Wealth Attraction”

Since ancient times, just like today, women have embodied a special purpose. They were free, combining femininity and extraordinary mystical power. These were cosmic Amazons, whose bodies were woven from subtle vibrational energy. After death, the soul of an Amazon returns to the Absolute, while the subtle bodies that hold wisdom, knowledge, beauty, and magic are stored like armor in the interdimensional logos. And when another soul of high destiny is incarnated on Earth, she becomes the recipient of an Amazon and, through special rituals, receives the armor of the Amazon that descends from the divine realm.

The Sacred Initiation of the “Golden Amazon – Wealth Attraction” is a vitalizing unlocking of financial channels. The golden armor of the Amazon is part of this consecration.

It is an initiation into the secret order of the Amazons who once inhabited the ancient forests of Europe. The power of their vital bodies, sparkling like the sun, protected them from negative influences, and wild animals, and attracted the energy of success, prosperity, beauty, and the wild, free feminine power. Those who underwent this ritual gained the power of the Amazon Queen: self-confidence, the ability to take responsibility for the destinies of others, and clairvoyance. The Golden Amazon gained access to the secret treasury of the Amazons, attaining immeasurable material and spiritual wealth from the primordials of their entire lineage.

💫 The initiation of the “Golden Amazon” includes:

  • Cleansing of the energy channels and meridians of the stomach and intestines from blocks and constriction.
  • Healing of the gastrointestinal tract not only for the one undergoing the ritual but also directing healing energy to beloved people.
  • The increase of vital (financial) energy level to attract success and prosperity to the lineage: ancestral wealth is restored, gaps in the ancestral aura are closed, material energy begins to accumulate in the form of assets, savings increase, and debts are cleared, achieving a high material level for future generations, freeing loved ones from financial difficulties.
  • Spiritual wealth – development, expansion of knowledge, unlocking extraordinary abilities to attract material blessings.

The ritual will involve the sacred eternal fire of the Amazons. This ritual is only available to the wisest, kind-hearted women who possess the Great Feminine Power and can, with the help of this power, not only benefit themselves but also assist their entire light and noble lineage. Your loved ones will receive great support, and many of their difficulties will be resolved through your assistance.

You can sign up for the ritual by emailing us at individual.session@gmail.com.

You can also undergo this ritual online 🤩