I See The Divine In You


In India, it is customary to greet each other with the “Namaste” gesture. It means: “I see the divine in you.” This greeting helped people to remember their divine nature and attune themselves to sublime communication.

The ancient Slavs used the idea of idolizing for this purpose. To idolize means to help another person to see God in himself, to develop his potential. Therefore, even when scolding a person, it is important to wish him/her to become better. It is essential for a person to feel that you believe in him, in his ability to become more perfect, to cope with the task at hand, and to show his best qualities.

But often instead of this, a destructive tendency manifests itself, when a person is self-asserted, trampled into the mud, and shown contempt. Then a person may lose faith in himself and he may be morally crippled. He will have fear of life, disliking for himself, and then his opportunity to find God in himself and to develop may be lost. That is why it is crucial to support each other, to adjust to the positive, and to promote the emergence of sublime emotions and states. In this case, communication between people will become blessed, leading to their divinity.