We invite everyone to an online retreat to solve all problems.


Dear soul! We know that you came to Earth with a Great Mission, to evolve, become happy, and help others in this.

Here we present to you simple steps to help people and fulfill your Great Purpose, creating a space of love for everyone, for all whom you love, for children, pets, for our women’s circles, and all those Golden Shakti. To achieve this, it is important to help women participate in the online Ritual of solving all problems. How to do it?

1. Send messages on social networks, messengers.
Dear, please tune in, pray, and with the gift from the Spirit of Love, which we send you below, simply send an invitation to the free online Ritual of solving all problems on social networks (Facebook, Instagram) or messengers using the contacts you have.

2. Make a post on your page
If you are an active user of Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks, you can make a post on your page with information about the free online Ritual of solving all problems, below we will provide you with blessed texts and images that have special power. Take a screenshot of the post and send it to us so that we can direct energy to it and through it women will receive help

3. Create an event and post information
You can create an event and post information about the free online Ritual of solving all problems on social networks or on special websites:
📍 invite participants from different event sites.
📍 publish the event:,, and similar sites
📍 If you want and can send invitations to more women, you can try to do simple free advertising on the Internet. Perhaps you already know some ways to spread the invitation
📍 Dear, other creative ideas may also come to you on how to find spiritual women who, like you, will be interested in developing and saving the world. Write to us about this, and we will definitely support and help you.

Dear, it is very important now to spiritually develop and help people. Your good karma will help your entire lineage. Please invite 50 women to the ritual, and your lineage’s karma will be purified for 5 generations ahead. No one else in the family can do this besides you. Only you can help everyone in the lineage. All ancestors are counting on you!

Help God, lead people to school, distribute materials from our school. In this way, accumulate good karma, then everything will be fine!
Our world needs you!

Every Wednesday, at 8 pm (Berlin time)
Ritual to solve all problems, to reveal superpowers and to heal people.

Every Thursday, at 8 pm (Berlin time)
Online course for advanced students

In our school you will learn effective methods. Solve any problem with relationships, health & money. With this knowledge, all your wishes will come true!
Invite your loved ones to the courses. The more people participate, the faster we save the world!


Invite your friends and acquaintances here.
Share the link to this video with them!
The more we are, the faster we will save the world!