🪶🌞 Second Birth of the Lineage –
Transformation of the Ancestral Scenario 🌞🪶



📆 From 23.05.2024 to 30.05.2024
🚗 23.05 – Arrival
24.05-28.05 – Days of the mystical retreat
🎁 29.05-30.05 – Additional days and training of the Global Spirit School

🪶The International Congress of Healers is a gathering of healers taking place in the form of a retreat workshop.

Through 💫deep sacred transformation practices and effective healing methods, training and profound cleansing of the karma of the lineage are conducted with the goal of rewriting the life scenario of the ancestral line. It opens the path to destiny, resolves issues of financial well-being, heals relationships, and leads to self-healing.




blankFemale energy is the energy of creation.💐
Its most natural expression is the birth of a child. However, this same female energy can give birth to a new destiny. ⭐️

For this purpose, in a special ritual at the peak of simultaneous cosmic activity of the Moon🌙 and the Sun☀️, female energy through the cleansing of karma of the lineage was directed to write a new, more joyful and prosperous life scenario. Forming a new scenario means filling life with events that will make you successful, happy, healthy, harmonious, and help your entire lineage, every person close to you, to live their own true happy scenario. 🥰👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💞

A new scenario may include:
✨ an ideal reality: material prosperity, successful events, forming a wealth matrix for 7 generations
✨ healthy descendants, happy and talented children
✨ ideal relationships, realization of the female dream
✨ confidence in the future and stability.

You are the temple built by love.💖🕌💖

My dear, only your crystal-clear purified consciousness after the cleansing and forming of the new scenario will be able to give birth to a new fate for all whom you love! Faith and action – then everything will succeed.😇🙏





blank💫Liberation from childhood traumas:
• Loneliness
• Childhood injuries that still hinder
• Violence

💫Erasing personal and ancestral negative karma:
• Poverty
• Relatives’ illnesses
• Bad habits in the lineage.

Liberation from negative experiences with men in the past.

My wonderful magician, 🔮keeper of the secrets of your lineage, wise soul.✨ As you read these lines, the sacred mystery of ancient female magic will be revealed to you, along with a new fate for your entire lineage. 🌳

Every woman possesses sacred magical abilities. Our ancestors could read thoughts, see the future, travel in dreams, and even fly. 🕊 This same energy healed loved ones, created peace and harmony in the home, and helped the lineage to be healthy and prosperous.🌿💰

But to unlock these abilities, our ancestors knew how to preserve their feminine energy. 🌸 Most often, we lose energy due to experiencing events in our life: memories of past relationships, the pain of separation, uncertainty related to past mistakes.

To reclaim energy and unlock abilities, one must undergo the ritual of “Erasing Personal History.” 🌬Thanks to this ritual, we will retrieve energy from the past and direct it to help our loved ones and to unlock supernatural abilities.⚜️

Furthermore, thanks to the energy reclaimed from the past:
⚜️ Health will improve: good sleep will return, stress and depressions will go away, and genetic illnesses will cease. The health of all members of the lineage will improve.
⚜️ You will always be necessary, loved, and most desired by your partner.
⚜️ You will strengthen your inner core, increase your self-esteem, and you will be able to win the favor of the right people.
⚜️ You will be able to attract luck and money into your life.
⚜️ You will be able to influence the circumstances of your life yourself.

In this ritual, you will reclaim all the energy of your years and feel reborn.🦋



Exclusive Ritual
Making friends with the Spirit of Happiness


The initiation into the shamans means:

blank🏵️This ritual changes the weak energy of the lineage into a strong one, resulting in a total transformation of the physical body.
☄️ On the physical level, this ritual frees from all causes of cancer cells, wastes, and toxins, and rejuvenates the body by at least 15 years!
☄️ It aids in the liberation from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, spine, and cardiovascular system, insomnia, migraines, consequences of injuries, and surgeries.

🏵️ Joy of life, resilience, and strength of the lineage.
☄️ Warding off diseases from relatives and close ones.
☄️ Erasing karmic failures from 7 past lives.

🏵️ Creating a golden nest for children to nurture a generation of successful, talented, capable descendants. Stability and constancy in family relationships.
☄️ The ritual helps prevent the development of chronic diseases in children and descendants.

🏵️ Helps with the power of thought and emotion to attract desired events related to material prosperity: increase in passive income, promotion, business expansion, new prospects, materialization, and expansion of life’s work.

A special gift from the spirit world for participants of the ritual:
✨ Training in the shamanic call of the spirit that attracts the Spirit of Happiness!
✨ After the initiation into the shamans of the lineage, the Spirit of Happiness will become your faithful companion in all 4 worlds.
✨ The Spirit of Happiness in the World of the Present frees from the cause of diseases, from chronic diseases, and from physical weakness.
✨ The Spirit of Happiness will help erase negative past experiences of poverty, failure, and familial traumas.
✨ In the World of the Future, it will remove the fear of acting, help open a new successful path, and form happy events of luck and abundance.
✨ In the world of eternity, it will unlock superpowers of intuition, healing, the gift of divination.

With the Spirit of Happiness, a smile will always be on your face and the faces of those you love!



🧿 Individual ritual 👁 PATRONAGE TENGRI FOR 33 YEARS.
Change of the cosmogram of your lineage🧿 

The ritual will begin to remove chronic illness, loneliness, fears of loss, and accidents not only from your life but also from the lives of those dear to you 🙏🏻❤️🌏

🔹 Discovering superpowers
🔹 The Mystery of Pentacles, Symbols
🔹 Mysteries of Tarot cards
🔹 Premonition and correction of destiny
🔹 Gaining the power of the Egyptian Gods





The ritual helps a child or a loved one who has been seriously ill for a long time, or has become addicted to computer games or social networks, and fell into the nets of the spirit of game addiction, thievery, or alcoholism. 🧒🏻🧑🏼‍💻👵🏼

The Shaman will find ☝️ the TRUE CAUSE of the disease of the child or loved one and will bring them out of the clutches of the spirits of disease. 🔥 🐾

The ritual gives thousand-fold protection of the GREAT SPIRITS OF THE EARTH🐉🦁🦅, and round-the-clock supervision from the Spirits Helpers of the child!  🙌



We love you, we are waiting for you! 🕊 ❤️ 🕊