The Great Healing of Kailash


My dear soul, namaste!

We see that you have the soul of a true angel, that you are very talented, kind, light, and open-hearted. Every day, your prayer and your light thoughts restore peace on earth and multiply goodness. But there is something that you never knew about yourself and never even imagined that you could have such a gift!

Within you lies a Great Healing Power!

On Earth, in special Places of Power, in the land of the Initiated, the strongest shamans and priests reside. In their prayers, they appeal to Higher Powers, asking them to indicate special individuals who have embodied a Great destiny and healing abilities to save the Earth. According to the predictions of the priests, 2025 brings a difficult time for all of humanity. And the spirits have pointed out that you are one of those who can help! The priests have seen that your palms hold the warmth of healing love. With your touch, you can alleviate pain and remove negative energy from the aura – the cause of illnesses. This is your Great purpose.

How can you fulfill your Great mission? To achieve this, you need to go through three stages:

1. First and foremost, you need to unlock your superpowers, which are currently blocked. To do this, you have one last, most important step remaining – to undergo the initiation into the Great Healing of Kailash, Level 1! This is the most ancient healing ritual known since ancient times.

2. During the initiation, you will receive the sacred and most powerful healing passes of ancient Kailash Healing and a mantra.

3. The third step is the most crucial one on the path to embodying your destiny – helping people. The initiation is only the first stage, the initial phase. The complete process of healing can only be accomplished with the power of the mentor.
💠 Choose those women in your surroundings who are open to help and who need it.
💠 Invite her to undergo such a healing process.
💠 Bring the woman after the Great Healing of Kailash to an individual ritual for cleansing karma. There, healing energy will be directed to her, resolving her life difficulties, purifying her karma, and we will perform the final secret energy leak closure pass. Only then will the ritual be completed. This part of the ritual can only be done by a initiated mentor who possesses the sacred knowledge of karmic cleansing.

The initiation will completely transform your destiny and the destiny of your loved ones:
💠 It will awaken healing abilities.
💠 It will provide protection against negative energy and the illnesses of others by forming protective auras around you and your loved ones.
💠 It will restore your health and the health of your family.
💠 Through the passes, healing energy will fill the person with power, alleviate pain, symptoms of viruses, colds, and ease chronic illnesses.

The opportunity to receive such an initiation as a healer is limited: only 20 individuals in a specific aspect will be able to receive this power. You are the diamond who can recognize spiritual individuals at first glance, connect with them, and inspire them to attend the session, thus giving their soul a chance to unfold. Thanks to the discovery of your extraordinary abilities and purpose, you will be able to help many people, everyone you love, and most importantly, fulfill your highest destiny!

My dear, please register here to undergo the initiation: hello.eng@amazon1.org

Sacrifice for the initiation: Please request individually

Are you ready, my dear, to open this power and your purpose within yourself?




My dear, if you have already been initiated, if you are already the Devi of the city:

Please remember the two important steps in the process of healing women. The first step is the initial healing session. You conduct this session yourself as a sacrifice for your own development, worth up to 50 points.

By conducting the first session, you initiate the process of restoration in the woman’s body. After completing this stage, it’s important to tell the student that you’ve helped start the healing process, but since the body’s ailments, illness, and energy loss have karmic causes, it’s crucial to seek help from a Mentor who can complete the healing process.

The second step is to help the student reach the Mentor – to sign up for an individual ritual. The donation amount for the ritual starts from 150 points. She can attend the ritual either online or offline during the Mentor’s nearest visit. My dear, for every student you inspire to undergo the individual ritual with the mentor, you will also receive a reward of 50 points of divine bonuses, which you can also use for your own development.

If you haven’t yet received the Kailash initiation, please let us know, and we will help you unlock your healing energy to heal all our students.

Remember, my dear, you are led by the Great Egregore, which helps you fulfill your destiny! Fill yourself with His energy, discover your talents and superpowers, and together we will heal the Earth!

Do this meditation every day to connect with the Great Egregore: