💫🙌🏻🧝🏻‍♀️Protection of the Jeday for the whole lineage.🧝🧝🏻‍♀️🙌🏻💫


An ancient prophecy says that at the junction of times, special women will incarnate on Earth. These are the ⚜️Golden Shaktis – cosmic priestesses who came to save humanity, to teach the highest order of harmony and love.

But their ⚡️energy can only be awakened by the influence of the love of the Jeday’s heart💙⚡️ – this is the male energy of only the highest level that exists in the universe.

Each ritual represents a stage in awakening your feminine nature, the Golden Shakti — a superpower that embodies self-healing, the healing of loved ones, and the transformation of the whole world.

A ritual can be a turning point in your life. It will help you to discover your new destiny, change the lives of your entire family, improve your health, build relationships with your family, and open a financial flow. Often, an individual ritual can even save the life of you or your loved one.

💫🌔🌟 CORRECTION OF THE ASTROLOGICAL PASSPORT – A New Incarnation of the Soul 🕊✨

💫🌖Properly directing the energy of this aspect can burn away 💥diseases, failures, losses and unfortunate accidents in the natal chart, and conversely, enhance ⚡️positive successes – talents, luck in love and relationships, and activation of your individual path to success and realization.🌟

Protective ceremony for a child, daughter, son, grandchildren

The ritual “Angel Whisper” – Finding a 😇GUARDIAN ANGEL for a child of any age. And also receiving a CODE WORD from the subtle level for a child during the ritual for a water spell, with which you can call the Guardian Angel for help in a difficult situation or a matter that requires success 🙏❤️


Individual ritual the “Cosmic Armor of the Jeday ” ritual 💖✨

It is a practice that originated from the depths of antiquity. In those times, great priestesses in the temples connected with the power of the Jeday and began to possess unlimited, greatest abilities. This included the gift of healing, clairvoyance, the ability to see the past and the future, and the ability to control time and to see life events from a distance. All these higher abilities would be unlocked through this ritual. On the physical level, this ritual heals the body’s immune defense system, and subsequently, health is restored to every organ. The most important aspect, the homeostasis of the body, is rejuvenated. A person becomes a harmonious part of nature, the cosmos, and God.


💫🌋🌖  Exclusive Ritual 7 TORSION FIELDS OF JUPITER 🌔🌋💫

The magnetic and torsion fields of 🌕Jupiter are several times larger than the planet 🌏Earth itself, resonating with the field structures of the 🪷Shakti body, enhancing its energy, so that the Shakti attracts everything necessary for happiness, helping loved ones, and saving the entire planet! 🙏🏻❤️✨



Tantric Ceremony: 💫🍇🏵 Cosmic Puja 🏵🍇💫

Awakening of feminine energy for harmonious relationships and the release of your true nature💎
We will repeat this ancient mystery just once, at a sacred Place, in the circle of ⚜️Golden Shaktis. Together we will make a journey to a parallel world.

After the ritual:
👑1. Your tantric superpowers will be unveiled.
👑2. Rejuvenation and restoration of the body will occur, awakening your inner feminine nature. Facial features will change, skin will be filled with the inner light of the energy of the Golden Shakti.
👑3. Restoration of relationships, and if there were none – finding the ideal partner
👑4. The feeling of being in love will become your constant companion – meaning happiness, youth, and fortune will fill your life
👑5. During the ritual, the goddess Shakti within you will awaken, and you will never be the same again. A new stage of your life will begin – getting to know your true self.

My dear, this tour is being done in the name of saving the planet.🌏❤️🙏🏻
My dear, may this offering be your gift to the spirits, for your happiness, the happiness of all your loved ones, and to support those in need of charitable assistance.

We love you very much and are waiting for you! 🕊❤️🕊

✨ It’s time to awaken the Golden Shakti within you. 🌺🦚✨