Exclusive ritual


Bright, joyful flashes of sacred fire in which the mistakes of the past burn away! The divine music that awakens the inner Power of each participant in the sacred ritual! The sacred dance that attracts good luck and prosperity!

Om Mani Padme Hum is a symbol of prosperity, life, love, and abundance in everything! This ritual – Puja – is the union of the masculine and feminine principles, a cosmic sacred ritual of union with God and the creation of a new prosperous female destiny. Throughout time, women have undergone this ritual, connecting with their cosmic Jedi, their other half.

In the ritual “Om Mani Padme Hum”:
1. You will go through purification by sacred fire, freeing yourself and your entire family from negative energy, past mistakes, and karma.
2. You will connect with the source of universal abundance: financial balance will be restored, money issues will be resolved and will no longer trouble you, and your family will become one of the most prosperous on Earth.
3. The channel for female health, youth, happiness, and success will open!
4. The relationship between male and female in your life will improve: you will feel your absolute femininity, thanks to which your partner will surround you with care, love, and protection.

My dear, to prepare for the ritual, study the sacred knowledge. Apply it, and the Universe will give you everything you wish for:

With great love, we send you the music of transformation for cleansing the space of your home, attracting good luck and prosperity. This music will also help you prepare for the ritual.

My dear, are you ready to accept the Power of Puja “Om Mani Padme Hum”?



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