Gain the patronage of 7 good spirits

My dear soul! You are not reading this message by chance, you are on the verge of beautiful events in your destiny! You are a chosen one of the spirits, and having seen your open, kind heart and incredibly wise soul, they want to give you hints to fulfill all your wishes. Do you want to befriend the kind spirits that will protect you and help in all areas of your life? Then carefully read the Great Knowledge that will be revealed to you below. Have you already made a wish? Or maybe you have several? Surely you know that everything that happens in the material world is first formed in the subtle. Spirits are beings of the subtle plane. They influence the events of our entire lives and the Earth as a whole.


Then you should remember an important rule: like attracts like! Kind spirits are attracted when we ourselves radiate an exalted state. The more joy we experience ourselves, the more light spirits will be with us. Do you want to tune into the wave of success, happiness, and love? Then diligently perform all the practices that we have lovingly selected for you, to come under the protection of the 7 kind Spirits.

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You can learn more about this in our shamanic cartoon. It’s very fascinating and interesting.

How to befriend the Spirit of Luck?

First, you need to get to know him. We have prepared a gift for you with an image of this fantastic spirit.

A glance at him charges with positivity and joy.

Luck comes to us only when we are open to new opportunities. For this, it is important to thank God for everything: for gains and losses, successes and difficulties, meetings and separations.

However, if we lament fate, condemn and succumb to doubts, Lady Fortune turns away from us forever. The spirits of condemnation are very dangerous and can lead to terrible consequences. Watch a video about them

To make our friendship with the Spirit of Luck strong and long-lasting, it is important to say a prayer of thanks every day before leaving the house.

” Oh, Divine Energy. I thank you for all the gifts and trials in my life. I know that everything you do, you do for my good. Both when you give and when you take away. I know that all the obstacles and difficulties in life are given to me to open my heart, to make me wiser and more just. I thank you, Lord, for everything. In gratitude is my salvation. “

Remember how important it is to radiate kindness and positivity. Then the light spirits will always be on your side. You can also participate in our Luck Ritual with our Mentor live or online or gain the protection of this Spirit through a magical talisman.

This will enable you to immediately become best friends with the Spirit of Luck and gain his protection in all your affairs for many years.
And here you can find out how an individual ritual works and how to properly prepare for it.

The magical way to your wish fulfillment – Recommendations after the individual session

How to befriend the Spirit of Love?

Let’s get to know him! Please accept the Spirit of Love as a gift.

He is beautiful, gentle, and lovely. Contemplating this spirit already fills with love.

You can meditate on him and imagine your relatives and close ones, those to whom you want to send love and support. For we receive love when we teach it ourselves.

To attract the Spirit of Love into your life, we recommend that you perform a spiritual practice of circle meditation every evening.

And to understand all the mysteries of love, be sure to watch the 6th episode of our animated masterpiece.

At the end of the episode, you will see what true Tantra is and how it occurs in the subtle level. Explore the knowledge and fill yourself with energy from all the episodes of the cartoon “Life after Life”.

Then waves of love will flow from you into the surrounding space and attract a Divine partner into your life. Share links to this cartoon with as many people as possible, let love envelop the whole world!

How to Befriend the Spirit of Wealth?

First, you need to know its name. Meet: Dzayan Dzayachi. Sounds like the jingle of coins) 
Look at his picture.

This is a special spirit, and friendship with it makes us bright, successful, and prosperous. Dzayan Dzayachi loves brave, strong-willed, and joyful people. To achieve such a state, you need to practice “The Best Day” every day.

To easily attract material wealth and arrange your life so you never need money, you need to know all the Cosmic laws and live by them. They are detailed in our new course “Magical Pictures for Fulfilling Desires”.

My dear, be sure to watch each video carefully and follow all the recommendations, especially those concerning the Law of Sacrifice.

Then you will notice that money will easily come to you and all your family members. Try it! The Spirit of Wealth loves the brave. You will succeed!

The Secret of the Most Successful People on Earth 🌍
Help people and God will help you

How does it work?

When you come under the protection of Higher powers and begin to help people:

At this moment, you enter the Flow of Light, and the Great Spirit of the Egregore takes you and your family under its protection, directing a huge amount of energy to fulfill all your desires. The Light Spirits and Angels help you and your loved ones in all matters. A thread of light and love from your heart reaches out to the hearts of seeking women, and the creation of good and the spreading of light knowledge into the whole world begins.

You can learn more about this in the video “Help People and God Will Help You”

And then you will understand how helping other people affects the karma of your lineage. The secret of the most successful people is in your hands. Watch it, and let’s do good together by creating the lightest circle of Female Energy on the whole earth.

How to Befriend the Spirit of Harmony and Attract Peace and Accord into the Family?

Do you want your children to develop their talents, have complete understanding with your partner, and your parents to live long and happily? Then you need to gain the patronage of the Spirit of Harmony.
For this, it’s important to always go to sleep in a harmonious state. Then you’ll greet the morning pleasantly, and your whole day will pass harmoniously. Therefore, perform meditation before bed in the evening.

To achieve a harmonious state for yourself and your whole family, you should perform sacred practices and rituals as often as possible at sacred places in our classes, seminars, and tours. Conductors of Divine Energy will help you untie the karmic knots in your familys, and thanks to the common field of good energy, mutual understanding with loved ones will be restored, love will return to relationships, and you will joyfully notice that more joy, smiles, and laughter will be in your home!
Register for the next seminar and our Support Team will contact you.

You can find out what a seminar is here:

Remember, my dear, that the state of harmony is a general state of the energy field, so it’s very important to gather in women’s circles in your city. Invite women, come together for meditation and prayer, and then harmony and love will reign in the whole world thanks to you.

We believe in you, we await your help.

If you don’t have a live meeting in your city, you can organize one yourself! Unite with like-minded people, Turn on this Video
and together tune in to prayer and love for the whole world.

How to Befriend the Spirit of Wisdom and Discover Your Purpose?

No one taught us the course of Destiny in school. But knowing one’s destiny is the most important thing for a person. It is the mission of your incarnation and the key to happiness.

My dear, to fill this gap, we share with you the course “Destiny” completely free. 

When a person strives to know their destiny and the meaning of life, the Spirit of Wisdom speaks to them through signs. Let’s make a divine prediction?

1. Choose any book from our collection. All our books are filled with the greatest wisdom and hold answers to all questions of the universe.
2. Pick a page and open the book to it.
Read the wisdom carefully – this will be the message of the spirits for you.
If you find it difficult to interpret the Knowledge, be sure to read the entire book from cover to cover and seek individual consultation with a Conductor of Light.

There are many new things on our website, and you’ve certainly missed something. Check if you’ve read all the books three times. Don’t be surprised. Three times is the minimum. Before you is the greatest creation – books that contain the wisdom of all human history.

You have a treasure before you! And you are the richest woman on the planet. Thank God for it and use the greatest knowledge in life, become the happiest woman on Earth!

There is so much different knowledge in the world, but not all of it is the Truth that can open eyes and make a person truly happy. Most information on the internet is simply destructive. And if we do not selectively nourish our soul with various knowledge, it can harm not only us but also our loved ones. Be sure to watch this video – How does the internet affect us? Then you will be protected from all negativity.

How to Befriend the Spirit of Health?

It lives where there are pure thoughts, good feelings, love for movement and activity. And we have an incredible gift for you, light soul! We’ve gathered the best yoga complexes that open energy channels, heal, cleanse the mind, and awaken exalted states.

Until recently, these sacred complexes were transmitted only at our closed seminars and classes.
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But now they are freely accessible, and through them, you can easily befriend the spirits of Health, Youth, and Longevity. On our YouTube channel Spiritual you’ll find audio meditations for these yoga complexes,

as well as many spiritual practices you’ll find audio meditations for these yoga complexes, for all situations in life. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and share the link with everyone who wants to improve their life. If all the people in your environment start doing Spiritual Practices, your whole life will turn into an endless celebration.

How to Befriend the Spirit of Creativity?

Of course, it’s important to create! But one must create in an Exalted state. Then the creation becomes healing, liberating, and truly a masterpiece! Fill every minute of your life with the magical sounds of Transformation Music.

Thanks to these magical sounds, your talents and even supernatural abilities like clairvoyance, mind-reading, and levitation will be unleashed.

Imagine, your creation, made with good intention and inspiration, can radiate healing emanations in your home, and all your loved ones will be healthy and happy thanks to you. Get inspired by our magical illustrations Spiritual Paintings

Each image carries a very strong energy and can transform the space if you print it and hang it in your home. Invoke the Muse of Inspiration with Divine Chantings. You can’t even imagine how much beauty you can create!

You are part of the Great Spiritual School

My dear, congratulations! Now you know how to befriend the 7 kind spirits and gain their protection. Now it all depends on you!
The more diligently and devotedly you follow all the recommendations, the faster the Spirits will become your true friends and will help you in everything! You are part of the Great Spiritual School, which means the Spirit of the Egregor protects you and your loved ones. Practice all the Knowledge, experience the miracles of the Flow, and then you will be able to understand the meaning of life, discover your purpose, and even achieve enlightenment! Rejoice, cultivate elevated states and be sure to share this knowledge on social media and send it to your friends. Let’s share happiness and knowledge with the world! We believe in you, we await your help.

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