Goddess Umay


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Meditate to the image of the ancient shamanic godness Umay listening special Music of Transformation and find the new ways of purpose fulfillment. You will forget about hardships with money and about your other difficult situations; well-being and happiness will come to your life.

Umay is the goddess of the present, known as Mother Earth. This shamanic goddess protects us, gives us love and healing, preserves and increases all the creature comforts; she grants everything, what is necessary for the human’s life. Umay means is steadiness, reality. She helps you to feel «the earth under the legs», to perceive the life’s fragility and not to waste the time in vain.

What does the picture symbolize? An earthy welfare’s marquee has spread out in a beautiful meadow. A youthful girl with the long plaits, a playful look and a tender smile sits solemnly near the marquee on a soft coverlet of loaves and fishes. She holds a green bow of the tree in one hand, as a symbol of fruitfulness, and in the other hand – she holds abundance’s chalice.