Health mandala meditation


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A unique mandala for better health is created especially for you. The special colors and music chosen in this video meditation have a beneficial effect on all your well-being. Meditate on this mandala for 21 days and you will feel a rush of strength and energy. Meditate on it at any time of the day, whenever you need to improve your well-being urgently. This meditation will help normalize blood pressure, improve sleep and eyesight. Headaches and migraines will go away. You will get rid of chronic fatigue, depression, and your general condition will be harmonized. Immunity will rise, tone will increase. Your mood will always be excellent. Do it yourself and recommend it to all those who need help with their health. You can significantly improve your health at a seminar by undergoing a health diagnostic with the Tutor. A magical amulet charged with healing from a particular disease will help to enhance the effect of the meditation. Let it be so! Aum!