Meditation for opening your heart and freeing yourself from attachments


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Often we don’t realize how much energy we waste on remembering the past, on discussing a situation or a person from the past. Just imagine how much it devastates us and takes our attention away from what cannot be brought back. By meditating on this mandala for 21 days, you will be able to let go of everything that takes away from you, all the attachments, resentments, anger, quarrels. You will be able to purify yourself and free space within you for something new and beautiful. Open your heart, feel love, joy, happiness, lightness. The energy will overwhelm you and many miracles will be drawn into your life and your relatives and friends will be happy. To strengthen the effect, also do the practice of forgiveness, as well as the practice of getting rid of negative emotions and influences. A special amulet of emerald or pink color will assist you in opening your heart. Seek the help of the Conductor of Power at the seminar. Let it be so! Aum!