Meditation of Family happiness


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Every woman dreams of marital bliss and wants it to last forever. By meditating on the mandala for 21 days, a special portal of divine energy will open. Light and love from this energy portal will fill your whole clan and your whole family.
This miraculous meditation works both for those who are already in a relationship and for those who are still searching for the man of their dreams and dreaming of creating a family idyll.
Your loved ones, relatives, parents and children will become happy. Your family relations will become harmonious, understanding and support will appear. This meditation is for all those who dream of family happiness for the closest people and the whole family. The meditation will also help clear the clan from ancestral problems up to the 7th generation, if you ask a wise guide of the Power for individual practice. A picture of an Ancestral Tree, place it in the living room of your home or in a place where all your relatives visit, will enhance the effect of the meditation. Enlist the help of the Force Guide at the workshop to pick up an amulet for the protection of the entire family as well as each family member. So be it! Aum!