500 €
I always wanted to start a business, it was my childhood dream. I studied for a long time in various courses, and I invested a lot of money in my future business, but for a long time there were no customers, production was not going well, and I was already desperate. But thanks to the meeting with the shaman, my life began to change. I went through the ritual "Purification of the roots of the family tree" and got recommendations, and this is a miracle! My business began to go very well, and I had more customers, and an article was even written about my business. It made my business known to the whole town. My clients find me. One of them is my husband. But this is another story. 🙂 Now I understand that the shaman who performed the ritual is a real magician. She fulfilled my dream and helped my business to reach a new level! The ritual has completely changed my life for the better.
This is a deep karmic purification of the family roots. As a result of the ritual, a financial flow opens for you and for your several relatives. Relationships become very harmonious and give the joy of communication every day. You will feel an incredible surge of strength and energy! Often diagnoses are even removed, leaving no signs of the disease.
A ritual that works on the causes of all life’s difficult situations. This ritual will cleanse from fears and resentments that have grown into hereditary diseases. It will also save you from loneliness and lineage poverty. An exclusive ritual IS PERFORMED USING AN ANCIENT SHAMAN DRUM BY A SHAMAN IN THE 7TH GENERATION, which will help to remove negative karmic nodes in your lineage and all evil spirits. The power of this ritual will open up a happy future for all your loved ones. They will receive the protection of the light spirits and luck in their affairs. There will be wealth, love, and luck in your family.


  • Walk in the park or run for preferably half an hour a day or more
  • To do a shamanic meditation every day with an object of power for your lineage: