A unique connection between ancient sacred shamanic and tantric knowledge.

Discover the natural, gentle and effective technique of Northern shamanism to awaken the feminine power. Learn more about the types of life determination. Get acquainted with the basics of tantric knowledge of the ancient female civilization.

It’s about creating fullness in a feminine way and building a feminine career style. You will also learn to connect with talents and treasures of your ancestors.

What is the power and mission of the female incarnation on Earth? The return of your feminine strength and well-being from the past: from past lives, relationships and memories. The cleansing of the uterus is the sacred center of female power.


❖ A relaxing tantric massage “POINTS of FEMININE POWER”, which reveals the talents and abilities of man that lie in man. It restores the work of all hormones and genes in the body.

❖ The stages of the revelation of the feminine destiny. “SHAMANIC CONSTELLATIONS” will help to put an end to recurring events that block the female power, the female path of development and the female destiny.

❖ THE “LUNCH CEREMONY”. A gift to the spirits (An ancient tradition of inspiring spirits for success in all matters), harmony in the house and among all family members.

❖ The “TEMPLE YOGA” are ancient movements that rejuvenate the internal organs. Relief from stress, illness and depression.

❖ To work with the Divine feminine origin so that you can regain and awaken your vitality, your magnetism, your health.

❖ A ritual of healing your loved ones. Lineage healing traditions. Shamanic methods of working with spirits, how to give the spirit a task so that he helps his loved ones. Healing by the power of nature and the elements

❖ The concepts of “MONETARY MAGIC” are lineage rites for contact with the spirit of material wealth. Daily rites that will open up opportunities to attract financial wealth.

❖ The “TEMPLE DANCES” are ancient sacral movements that rejuvenate the spine and rejuvenate the skin. Development of intuition – ability to see signs and predict situations.

❖ “THE POWER OF THE DRUM RHYTHM” is life as the rhythm of the universe. Restore the rhythm of your destiny, the rhythm of the cosmos and the rhythm of your soul. “CIRCULAR DRUM MEDITATION” with musical instruments.

❖ The “COSMIC BIRTH” is contact with your inner child. The healing of the womb is the release of female healing power. Materialization of future projects.

❖ THE “ONOME IS A DIVINE IDEAL”. An exclusive practice to connect with your Divine ideal or partner. Dance, magic passes to find your half.

❖ AND RELAXATION CEREMONY – 3 stages of total relaxation of the body. All the tension and stress accumulated over the years will disappear.

A GIFT TO EACH PARTICIPANT: “Diagnostics of a cosmic destiny”

Attention! In the practices and rituals, amulets, objects of power, artifacts of shamans and priests are used to experience a deeper process of transformation.