Tantric Samadhi
Meeting your perfect partner

Beautiful Goddess! If you are reading this message, it means your wise soul, perfect and tender as a flower, is ready to unite with its other half. All the difficulties in your romantic relationships in your life were only due to the fact that your feminine nature has not yet fully manifested.

During this period, which occurs once every 45 years, the magical power of the Moon will be greatly enhanced by the astral power of the Sun. 🙏 Your tantric abilities and the power to attract your ideal partner will awaken.

During the “Tantric Samadhi” ritual:
1. The magical power of the womb will awaken, creating vibrations that attract the ideal partner.
2. Fears and blocks in the womb, past traumas will disappear.
3. On a subtle level, your divine partner will feel you, and a very rapid coming together will begin.
4. Insecurity, the fear to open up and lean on the Power of your partner will disappear. Your other half will manifest as a very worthy, noble, and generous man who will take care of you.
5. Restoration of feminine energy at the level of the etheric body – this is the restoration of female organs, raising the level of feminine energy in terms of sexuality. Raising the level of feminine energy means rejuvenation, smooth skin.
6. In your aura, the energy of Yin and Yang will appear, thanks to which you can manifest any desire.
7. It is during the tantric union that a woman’s hidden, true talents come to light. Usually, they are deeply hidden in the womb, but thanks to the tantric merging with the divine partner, her true power awakens, along with her destiny and supernatural abilities.

My dear, in order to prepare for the ritual:
1. Listen to the Music of Transformation that will awaken the tantric Power within you.
2. My dear, draw or write your secret message to your divine ideal.
3. Engage in spiritual practice that will help you accumulate energy and meet your divine partner as soon as possible:


My dear, you do not yet know what ancient, great, and beautiful feminine power slumbers within you. It’s time to awaken and attain feminine harmony.

3 level of the ritual:
💠 1000   This is the sacrifice for the first level of the ritual.
Vibes of attraction to the ideal partner will awaken.

💠 1500   This is the sacrifice for the second level of the ritual.
At this level, you will not only awaken the vibes of attraction to your partner, but also their sacred name will be revealed to you.

💠 3000   This is the sacrifice for the third level.
At this level, the vibes of attraction will awaken, you will discover  the sacred name of your ideal partner, as well as an amulet – to maintain the astral connection with your ideal throughout life and after transitioning to the subtle plane. This is eternal love.