Ritual to prepare for an individual session:

Dear soul, congratulations on the fact that very soon you will receive the great power of an individual ritual! Darling, 60% of the success of this ritual depends on you and on your preparation for it. So please, follow the subsequent instructions and your destiny will turn around for the better! It’s ideal to follow all the recommendations, but even only one of them tremendously helps a person to tune into the Energy Flow of the ritual.


1. If possible, take a shower, saying the mantra: “I accept the purification.”

2. When you eat, try to eat light, tasty food. You can make your favorite tea with ginger and lemon. Eat while listening to music of transformation:


This will allow you to fill up not only with the biological energy of the food but also with its subtle light component – the prana.

3. It is perfect if you dance before the ritual! Put on your favorite music; you can use divine chants.

Let the theme of your dance be a great belief in the possibility of changing and helping the lineage of other beings to be happy as well!

If you need to calm down, take a few minutes to breathe along with your pulse beats: for 5-7 beats of the pulse you breathe in and for 5-7 beats you breathe out.


And if you want to wake up your energy, you can do shamanic fire breathing: take frequent inhalations and exhalations without any pause, in through the nose and out through the mouth or solely through the nose, helping yourself with active movements to the rhythm of the active music of transformation:

4. The following 3 points are important to be completed:

– It is very good if you have headphones, which will make it easier to hear everything that the Spirits transmit to you.

– Prepare a space for your computer or phone where you will place it (preferably vertically in the case of a phone) so that during the ritual you have your hands free.

– Check by turning on the camera of the phone or computer – can you be seen clearly? It’s important to test the Zoom and What’sApp on your phone – do they work well? Is there any sound, and is the video-camera working? If possible, ask one of your friends to help you test the connection. Remember that the Guide of Power will be calling you from distant Places of Power so the connection must be very good.

5. You can choose to sit or lie down during the ritual. Prepare a comfortable space for your Soul to fly safely through the Luminous Worlds of the subtle plane during the ritual.

6. Try to wear clothes of a color appropriate for your ritual. If no special recommendations, wear light clothing or an element of light clothing, such as a scarf. When you say, “I am a channel of Divine Power!” then your clothes will become a channel of Light.

7. Remember that Spirits and Higher Powers determine the timing of the call. And it depends on many circumstances: planetary aspects, karma of the lineage, etc. So don’t worry, pray, if the call doesn’t happen at exactly the right time. Your ritual will definitely take place when the portal with the Higher Powers will open.


Read from the wise spiritual book:

Do the practices from the website:

Ask your guiding Avatara and your Tutor for help and it will come for sure!

May the joy of your heart and the anticipation of miracles help you be in tune with the Magic that will surely arrive, which will definitely happen! Are you ready to heal, to change your life in order to help a lot of people?

Then, with God!