Save Yourself


The Holy Trinity denotes the 3 parts of the divine:

is God the Father, that is, the great universal consciousness;

The Holy Spirit, or in other religions, the Mother of God, the spouse of God the Father, is His creative power, His energy;

And God’s son is the individual consciousness of every living thing, from galaxies to worms and the like.

In Christianity, there are almost no images of the Holy Spirit, but there are many images of the Virgin Mary with Jesus. She in this case represents the Mother of God, the Universal Shakti, in whose field the individual consciousness of Christ grows.

The individual consciousness consists of a part of God the Father, that is, the contemplative, and a part of God the Mother, the highest energy, that is, the sublime emotions, above all love, the most subtle energy.

Then the Divine Mother creates the Divine Game. That is, this life, where each individual consciousness is placed in six bodies, like matryoshka dolls, one in the other. From this, a great variety of embodied beings is created, that is, even more beings of individual consciousness with a smaller number of bodies that inhabit the subtle plane, that is, spirits, angels, and the like.

The essence of the game is for each individual consciousness to find its Divine nature. To accomplish this, it must begin to study everything of which it is composed, to separate itself from what it is not.

Man in the process of upbringing tries hard to identify with his body and false personality. In every environment, he has his false personality, that is, the role he plays in the collective, say, a son, or daughter in the family, a girlfriend with his peers, a pupil in school and the like. He is treated as a certain role, and he begins to consider himself as such and, playing by the rules of the collective, tries to get his A’s and avoid D’s.

However, both man himself and the world are arranged in a very disharmonious way. The coarser the world is, the more suffering there is in it. All this makes a man think about the meaning of life and start looking for a way out of its labyrinth. And the Ariadne’s thread that can lead man out of chaos to God is attention. It is a ray of individual consciousness that illuminates a certain part of the world to recognize Him. But he who wants to find himself must direct his attention to the study of himself, to what he is not, and to dissociate himself from it. That is, the false personality, the mind and other centres, to his body, and to the source from which the attention comes, that is, the individual consciousness of God, which he is. This is what is called Dhyana, that is, meditation.

In the process, however, one sees that his attention is weak, he is quickly distracted and forgets his task. Then he must find a School and a Teacher who will remind him of this task, and friends who are going in the same direction and can wake each other up.

A further problem is the lack of subtle energy to enhance attention, and this is provided by the sublime emotions. By cultivating sublime emotions, he comes into contact with the Divine Mother, which gives him strength to resist lower influences and energy for development. The more sublime emotions, the more energy for awakening. Sublime emotions are hindered by selfishness. Therefore, one should seek any good deed to help people, etc., that will help one deal with the ego and develop sublime emotions and conscience.

Meditation can be any activity that we do with utmost attention, without distraction, without going into imagination and thought, or concentration on the body, for instance, on breathing. Any kind of concentration or contemplation without thoughts is very helpful to start with. Banishment of thoughts can be helped by prayer or mantra.

One lives in the captivity of imagination, especially about oneself, which is fuelled by emotions and sexual energy. This is the most dangerous, as it is the dream that makes a person consider himself to be a false identity, as a role. To get rid of the false idea of oneself, it is necessary to exaggerate and ridicule it.

It is necessary to observe what lies the false personality and ideas about oneself and about how everything should be in the world, according to the influence of the sick society.

So the formula for development is: “Save yourself from yourself”. The true self, but which you do not know because your attention was always outside, from the false self, but well known to you, the one imposed on you by the sick society. You have been a victim of the educational process and have died in the process of education. Now you have to resurrect yourself, yourself as God.