The sacred initiation of the “Silver Amazon – Magical Moon”

Since ancient times, just like today, women have embodied a special purpose. They were free, combining femininity and extraordinary mystical power. These were cosmic Amazons, whose bodies were woven from subtle vibrational energy. After death, the soul of an Amazon returns to the Absolute, while the subtle bodies that hold wisdom, knowledge, beauty, and magic are stored like armor in the interdimensional logos. And when another soul of high destiny is incarnated on Earth, she becomes the recipient of an Amazon and, through special rituals, receives the armor of the Amazon that descends from the divine realm.

The sacred initiation of the “Silver Amazon – Magical Moon” is an ethereal unlocking of the feminine channels, an initiation into the intuitive astrology of tantric energy compatibility. 

The silver armors of the Amazons:

Under the silver glow of the stars, in the forest, the beautiful Amazon performed an ancient sacred ritual of energetic union with her soulmate on the subtle plane, in a place of power enveloped by secrets and power. This sacred practice awakened the feminine energy, rejuvenated the Amazon’s body, and attracted a worthy partner who would share the destiny with the Great Woman.

This secret feminine ritual is also known today. Thanks to the universal energy of bliss and joy, this ritual offers:

🌊 Cleansing of the energy channels and meridians of the urinary and reproductive systems, as well as the kidneys, from blockages and tensions.

🐚Thanks to this, women’s organs are healed, the level of feminine harmony is restored, and the unfolding of feminine energy, Shakti, occurs within you. In this ritual, your appearance is transformed, every cell becomes filled with health, your skin begins to radiate, and your hair becomes stronger. But most importantly, you become filled with magnetism, and your feminine destiny changes.

💫In this ceremony, you can expect:

🌙 Etheric cleansing of the womb, reclaiming the power lost from past partners.

🌙 Awakening of the energetic tendrils of the Amazon. You will regain the power of inspiration, so that the man by your side will take complete responsibility for you.

🌙 After the ritual, you will intuitively feel whether this person is right for you, whether it is worth spending time with them.

 👑 Meeting your soulmate on the subtle plane, finding the perfect partner, worthy and loving, destined by fate. A worthy and loving partner will surround you with care.

In the ritual, you will be sprinkled with water from the ancient lake of the Amazons, which will awaken and activate your feminine energy.

You can sign up for the ritual by emailing us at individual.session@gmail.com.

You can also undergo this ritual online 🤩