Spread the Prayer


Many people complain that they have no money, lack health, energy is scarce, and all around them is misfortune. All of this happens because a person is very focused on themselves, on their ego. The more a person thinks about themselves, the more reasons they have for distress: ‘This is not right, that is not like this,’ more negative emotions.

This is how God has intentionally designed the world so that the egoist becomes a punishment for themselves. If a person thinks so narrowly about themselves, even during prayer, no energy flows through them. It is important to pray not for oneself but for everyone, so that the problem you have is resolved for everyone. Then, the power, grace, and love of God will flow through you.

The same applies to a person’s goals. If they think about themselves, energy flows very weakly. If they think about their family, they receive more power and opportunities from God. If they think about their city, for example, when inviting all people to a group or seminar, even more is granted to them by God. But if they think about their country and, even more so, the whole world, for example, when writing an article for social media in which they teach people kindness, love, and convey great knowledge, they begin to receive a lot of energy, love, and prosperity from God.

However, it must be done sincerely, truly caring for all the people on Earth and forgetting about oneself. If a person tries to deceive God, supposedly rejoices for all people, prays for all, but only thinks about getting something for themselves, then they will achieve nothing because they will do it formally but be focused on their ego in reality. Here, complete sincerity, self-sacrifice, and dedicating oneself to the happiness of the entire Earth are important. And one must get used to it, tune oneself to it, as this is the path to perfection and confluence with the infinite, with God.