Tantra. A True Perspective.


Osho has a book called “Sex.” You can read it to understand that sexual energy is not filth, but divine creative energy.

Sexual energy is the energy of God’s creation. Through it, He creates all living beings: trees, flowers. The singing of birds, the dance of the peacock, the unfolding of a flower bud – all of these are actions of sexual energy. The peacock dances, the nightingale sings – they attract mates. A plant blooms – it is its way of reproduction. The flower is the sexual organ of the plant. And that’s why sexual energy is beautiful. The more of it there is, the more beautiful a woman becomes. It is the foundation of art in human beings. With it, a person creates dance, poetry, paints pictures, composes music, sings. This same energy transforms a person into a Buddha, into Christ, if he transforms it through prayer into love, grace, self-surrender to God, and other sublime emotions that will transform the soul and lead it to God.

And this is what Tantra does. Tantra is not just exotic sex. It is a way to transform sexual energy to a higher level. Sexual energy is emotional attachment: love for each other, love for children, for relatives, for family. This love creates sexual energy.

After all, what is family, a lineage? It is a community of people connected by blood, arising through sex and reproduction. And then comes the homeland, society.

Where did all these people, all living beings on Earth come from? From sex, from reproduction, from God’s creation. And that’s why we are all brothers and sisters in God.

And furthermore, the universe is a creation of God, also made with the same creative energy, manifested somewhere in different forms like starlight, the Earth’s gravitational pull, electricity, and so on. This energy of creation unifies everything. And in Tantra, there are the same stages of elevation and transformation of sexual energy.

First, there is the arousal of sexual energy through Tantra or Astral Tantra with a partner.

Second, there is the transformation of this energy into mutual love for each other, for the Master.

Then, one should feel love for one’s own family, and for a spiritual individual, this includes the school, the egregore, the Master. One must feel the sense of community, unity with them.

Next, one should expand love to all people, to the entire Earth, raising the energy to the Anahata. By elevating it further in prayer, one should feel love for God, surrender, confluence with Him.



Such stages should be present in Astral Tantra and Tantra.

But there is another side to sexual energy that needs to be avoided. It is the negative emotions that a sick society has conditioned us to through the example of relatives, television, books, and other sources of darkness. We were taught to be jealous, envious, to compare ourselves, to fall into anger, hatred, greed, and fear. All of this arose because sexual energy was suppressed instead of being transformed into love and transmuted into exalted emotions. Without the transformation of sexual energy, it can turn into evil: wars, crimes, riots, and murders.

Psychological and even physical illnesses arise from the sexual energy that, when suppressed, is turned into negative emotions.

Therefore, the only way to save oneself from global evil is the transformation of sexual energy into exalted emotions, into love, as it seeks an outlet, seeks an opportunity for expression, and there are only three of them: orgasm, which is the squandering of sexual energy, the diversion that goes nowhere but reproduction; negative emotions or elevated emotions.

And in order to save the Earth and humanity from destruction, the only way is the transformation of sexual energy into exalted emotions. This is the path of Tantra and the path of all true religions. However, the falsehood of religions suppresses sexual energy, giving rise to jihad, crusades, inquisition, persecution of sects, religious wars, and so on.