Book of Miracles

Miracles happen! Not just in books like Harry Potter or the famous epic novel by Tolkien. They happen every day in the lives of completely ordinary people like you and me.

Don’t believe it? Ask Valerie from Sheffield, to whom a complete stranger gifted £1000 without asking for anything in return. Or ask Teresa from Salzburg, whom Universe brought back her son from the dead. Or ask Jessica from San Francisco, who saved passengers on an airplane from death. Or ask any woman whose story is included in this book.

Now you understand why we named it the“Book of Miracles”, right? Because it’s filled with stories of miracles that actually happened to our students. There’s not a word of fiction here. But there are plenty of words of love, support, joy, and happiness. That’s why our book has a magical effect. Reading it, you’ll be charged with positive energy, and miracles will start happening in your life!

We recommend reading the “Book of Miracles”  just like you used to take medicine as a child – one story in the morning and one before sleep. Keep the book by your side at night, and go to sleep charged with these uplifting stories. In your dreams, the first miracles will begin in your dreams, and then they will
manifest in real life. Your life! For your convenience, we’ve divided the stories into 5 sections. Start with the one that corresponds to something you’re not satisfied with right now: relationships, finances, protection, healing, destiny. But we assure you, once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down! Because all the stories described end well. Not every book can boast that, can it?

Others’ success stories aren’t a reason for envy, of course. They are a wonderful motivator to change something in your own life. How? Join our off-site seminars, charity events, and workshops in your city.

To describe all the miracles, one book wouldn’t be enough. That’s why the “Book of Miracles” will definitely have a sequel. And you’ll write it! Because even now, as you read these lines, you’re opening yourself to happiness, love, luck, and wealth. So, we await your stories with a happy ending – there’s no
doubt about that!



Finding myself on the sunny side of life
Fabiana, 35 years old (Palermo, Italy)

When I arrived at work, I saw a different person in the mirror and imagined myself as Snow White, but without the evil stepmother 🙂

I remembered myself carefree and happy, but for some unknown reason, a dark cloud appeared in my life, growing darker and darker. If it weren’t for the book “Life After Life” I probably wouldn’t be alive today. I am writing this story on a paradise island, looking at the gentle sea,, because I want every woman to use this magical wand of help for all occasions in life and not allow her life to go downhill. It all started with my infatuation, which led to marriage. At that time, I thought it was just another stroke of luck, so I didn’t even suspect anything when we had to take credit for the wedding, and it was taken in my parent’s name. A year later, my mother died of an illness. In the year that I lived with my husband in a rented apartment on the outskirts of Naples, my parents bought and furnished an apartment for my younger sister. My mother helped her get a good job, and gave her a car, while during that time, I lost twins in the early stages of pregnancy.

My husband didn’t support me at all, and he even managed to make jokes about how we wouldn’t have enough money to feed children anyway. Later, I found out that his ex-girlfriend had gone to a black magician and performed some ritual on me about my death. He knew about it but did nothing. He simply kept silent and forgot. That’s when my “love” vanished like smoke.

In the end, I got divorced in the spring, decided to change jobs, and move to Palermo in the summer. To my horror, when I underwent a medical examination, it turned out that I had tuberculosis in the closed form on the right side of my lung. I had to undergo lengthy treatment and surgery. It took me 1.5 years to finally find any kind of job because, with such a medical history, I was barred from working in childcare facilities in my field.

Two years ago, I met what I thought was my soulmate. He was also a sailor, like my dad. He impressed my dad too. I was finally happy. We lived together with my dad and Francesco. Last autumn, on my birthday, he proposed to me.

However, at the end of January this year, Francesco “went too far” while “celebrating” his professional advancement and suddenly started reacting aggressively to any criticism. In short, an argument turned into him physically assaulting my father and calling the police. They arrived, and my dad filed a
complaint. Then there was a trial, and I had to testify. I couldn’t say everything my father accused him of, so Francesco was only sentenced to administrative
punishment. But after the trial, they both started hating me and blaming me for everything, as if I had started the fight and not them.

I probably wouldn’t have survived all of this if I hadn’t decided to read psychology books in search of some help for my shaken psyche.

I remember waking up early one morning with that decision. Right before work, I went online and accidentally came across an article about the book “Life after Life”. The article hit the mark, so to speak. I downloaded the book and started listening to it while preparing breakfast, getting ready, and riding the bus.

When I arrived at work, I saw a different person in the mirror and imagined myself as Snow White, but without the evil stepmother 🙂 I remember that at that moment, the practice “I am worthy,” which I learned in the group sessions in my city, was playing in my headphones. I noticed how my body straightened up on its own, assuming an interesting posture with my head held high, and unusual thoughts echoed in my mind: “I am worthy of gifts, I am worthy of health, I am worthy of love and being loved!” And suddenly, I heard a voice behind me saying, “Are you our new employee? Come see me after lunch.” It turned out to be the company director located on the floor above ours. I ended up on the wrong floor!

At first, I was confused, of course, but something inside me said, “Of course, why not? It’s an opportunity you know nothing about.” After all, the small salary at the travel agency didn’t even cover my basic needs, and I thought this was my chance. It filled me with such joyful excitement that I wanted to fly, not walk. But I couldn’t imagine how I would approach him or what I would say, but I continued listening to the book, and my belief in miracles grew stronger with each chapter.

During lunchtime, once again, I suddenly decided to go to a café, even though I usually hurriedly ate something I brought from home. But I had so much unfamiliar liveliness that I simply couldn’t sit in the office. The upcoming meeting with a stranger stirred my imagination.

I envisioned the desired reality, tightly clutching the amulet in my left hand. My state of mind was clear and composed. I knew what I wanted and was confident of success. In this state, I sat at a table in the café, placed an order, and felt intense attention towards myself. Calmly inhaling and exhaling and remembering what we were taught in women’s classes, I walked to the ladies’ room with a special stride. I tried to do everything exactly as we were taught for many days in our sessions.

When I was on my way back, from the table opposite ours, the director, who invited me by mistake, stood up. He looked embarrassed but even more intrigued. He also found out that I didn’t work for his company and was wondering how to meet me if I didn’t show up.

That’s how I met Lorenzo Di Maggio. He was looking for a personal assistant and offered me a chance to try myself in that role. Of course, I would never have taken the risk if I didn’t have the book. After all, I grew up in a simple sailor’s family and knew nothing about how wealthy people lived. But luckily, I had the book, so I agreed.

Then I received an invitation via email to a webinar called “Opening the Money Flow” and realized that destiny had given me a real gift — an entire School of Female Happiness where I could learn everything!

Now I have a very interesting job, a worthy boss who appreciates, respects and pays me well. There’s no trace left of the “ugly duckling” in me. My father has gained a lot of respect for me. He says that I have finally “awakened.”

Now I plan to attend a training seminar at the School, and it will open up even more unique opportunities. After all, the quality of my energy and the quality of my life is growing day by day, webinar after webinar.

Currently, I’m on a Mediterranean island where we had our corporate training. The director said I shouldn’t rush back, and he covered all the expenses for our stay here. It’s hard to describe how this has brought the team together! Instead of panicking, we successfully shifted our business online and are earning well to support our relatives and acquaintances who have found themselves in difficult situations.

Thank you for the book “Life after Life”. It brought me back to life. May God bless you with health and all the best.

Every morning, when we wake up, we have twenty-four brand-new hours to live. What a precious gift! We have the capacity to live in a way that these twenty-four hours will bring peace, joy, and happiness to ourselves and others.
Thich Nhat Hanh




Abundance Flow
Amalia, 31 years old (Stuttgart, Germany)

Only now have I realized that I haven’t stressed about money AT ALL since that moment!

I could never understand how to solve the money issue, to not depend on it like a wind-up toy depends on a battery. Everyone said that I needed to study and work diligently. Still, even with an excellent education and working since I was 17, by the time I turned 30, I still couldn’t grasp when I would start receiving a worthy reward for following this axiom.

During the period when this story began, I was struggling with money again: I worked 12 hours a day, earning more than many of my acquaintances, but still lived in constant stress due to a lack of funds, the fear of being in a tight spot when it came to paying off loans or rent…

Despite having a decent salary and position, I was constantly haunted by the feeling that “there’s no money.” It was as if I was a squirrel running in a wheel, surviving, enduring constant tension and dissatisfaction amidst extreme fatigue and a complete lack of time for myself.

And suddenly, I stumbled upon my “golden fish” on the internet — an amazing webinar that opened my eyes to the real reasons for the presence or absence of money in a woman’s life, in particular!

Not being foolish, I grabbed onto that thread and pulled with all my might: I found a YouTube channel, a Telegram channel, and eventually, a real women’s School! That’s how I found myself among the chosen ones! And that’s when my complete liberation from the poverty mindset began — I received an offer to undergo the “Golden Lakshmi” ritual.

Of course, I wanted to become like her. I imagined her as an exquisite Goddess who could afford anything. She has an open flow of money, meaning opportunities come naturally to her. And she lives in a state of abundance, not poverty.

But I wasn’t pleased with the cost of this pleasure. Fear prickled me again: “What if I won’t have enough to pay for the rent of my tiny apartment?” With that fear and pursed lips, I lived for a few more months.

Throughout this time, the assistants of the Mentors never stopped advising me to stop tormenting myself and undergo the ritual. But I only clenched my lips tighter.

Apparently, Lakshmi herself took pity on me. How else can I explain what happened next?

During one of the off-site seminars, I actively helped out: welcoming participants, arranging accommodations, and handling other organizational matters. In fact, I didn’t even see much of the seminar, and I was behind the scenes the entire time. But it was very valuable and satisfying for me to contribute to such an important event. Moreover, in our magical School, knowledge comes not only through lectures and practices but also through life situations, and there were plenty of those during the seminar. So when the Mentor said that this seminar was a gift for me as an appreciation for my assistance, I was surprised and amazed! And since I had already fully paid for the seminar by that time, I decided to use that deposit for the desired ritual!

And you know what? Only now do I understand that since that moment, I haven’t stressed about money AT ALL! The flow opened up! I won’t go into the details of HOW exactly it happened, but the essence is that for two months, I lived on “full board”. Upon leaving my harmful job for my mental well-being, I received an amount of money sufficient to not worry about finances, attend all summer seminars and gatherings, and even go on a couple of trips to foreign resorts.

As for my new job, it turned out to be a magical fairy tale that only Lakshmi knew about! I live and work by the seaside, doing what I love in the company of wonderful people. In just six months, I’ve practically traveled around the world, and the last thing I remember throughout the day is money. It’s scary to remember that just a few months ago, the mere thought of the future made me tremble, and I lived in constant stress, wondering if I could pay the bills.

My advice: if you receive a recommendation from the Universe, don’t think of it as a “spam email.” Treat it as an instruction, a magical pill, or a doctor’s prescription, after all. And don’t delay. Because it really works! Wishing everyone well!

Men are rich only as they give. He who gives great service gets great rewards.
Elbert Hubbard


“Book of Miracles”

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