The Death of God


God is the infinite space, and therefore He cannot die on one hand, as only something finite and manifested can die, not the infinite, emptiness.

On the other hand, God creates this world out of Himself as the subtlest energy, and this world is also a dense form of God. And when all possibilities of creation have played out in the infinity of time, then, in earthly terms, God becomes bored, and He decides to consciously die, to reset Himself, to discard all the past and begin to create a new world. Then He destroys His manifested part, turning it back into the emptiness of infinite space. Similarly, humans and all other phenomena and beings, all objects, planets, suns, galaxies, die. Only humans die unconsciously, without understanding why death is given to them and for what purpose. But the death of humans is similar to the death of God.

Only humans die unconsciously, without understanding why death is given to them and for what purpose. However, the death of humans is similar to the death of God. Humans die in order to achieve renewal because living in a body and a false identity limits them greatly. After gaining experiences in life on this Earth, they leave their body and, at their second death on the subtle plane, they also shed their false identity in order to attain a new life and have new experiences.

Perhaps they will become an extraterrestrial being, or they will live in the world of spirits as a flowing Ayami, or they will become an angel, or exist in worlds that are completely different from ours and be an infinite line in space. Thus, God gives them a new role in His game, in which humans will gather new experiences necessary for the development of their souls. They often start over, create new false identities, and play new roles only to eventually die, just like God.

When humans understand that their entire life is a game and can look at all their roles with laughter, they will achieve liberation from the game. They will be able to choose which role they want to play or even leave the game entirely and become pure consciousness, simply observing the drama created by God.

However, it is not enough for humans to merely parrot that life is a game. They must see it with their entire being, feel it with their entire existence, and never forget it. This is not an easy task. It requires prolonged learning in a specialized school where people learn to remember themselves and see their roles. Theater is very helpful in this regard because there, a person canrehearse their roles, and others can show them their different personalities through various scenes, illuminating what they are made of.

In the pursuit of freedom, similar to God, humans must seek the conscious death of these roles in order to die as a role and be reborn as consciousness, simply observing the drama of life and considering their false identity as a clown.

In this world, there are different types of clowns: there are white clowns who constantly cry and complain about their lives; there are red clowns who are proud of themselves and harm others; there are clowns in other colors as well. But all of these are just roles that humans play. However, they are not all of that; they are pure consciousness, a witness or observer who is identified with this play in the dream.

So why did God create so many living and non-organic beings, so many spirits, angels, and others? It is to observe His creation from different perspectives and viewpoints. He sees through the eyes of a flower, a tree, an insect, a spirit, a planet, a star, and gathers an enormous amount of impressions of the same event, the same thing.

On the other hand, humans see everything differently from each role they play. From one role, they love; from another, they hate; from a third, they are willing to sacrifice everything, and from a fourth, they are willing to steal from the same person.

And one must recognize the bacchanalia of these roles within oneself, not to be captured by them, and understand that none of it is who you truly are; these roles were created within you. Through circumstances, influence, and imitation, this masquerade was formed through upbringing, and now it is necessary to stop being a puppet of these roles.